K9 Dog Training Tips: Do It Yourself

Training your dog, no matter how easy or simple it may seem, is far from being easy. It takes plenty of time and effort to get your dog, especially a Golden Retriever, to understand how to make them obey your commands, and what makes them tick.

In the write-up below is a compilation of how you can train your Golden Retriever to the best of its ability, make them answer your calls and have them behaving well like a properly trained individual. If you have already decided on buying Golden Retriever, you need to train it too.

K9 Dog Training

You need to be thorough with dog training techniques if you are going to train your dog yourself. There are a few important steps to be taken as mentioned below. Use them diligently and see your Golden Retriever learning and improving.

Dog Training Methods

It is important to know how to train a dog to attack, especially a Golden Retriever. There are certain aspects to be considered while training dogs, in general. Some of them are as follows:

  • Use a friendly aura in the atmosphere and be rewarding enough when your dog performs well beyond your expectations
  • Don’t resort to punishments or harsh strategies to get your Golden Retriever or any other dog to learn something. Be polite and soft, but consistent and firm with them when you are in the process of teaching them anything.
  • Use dog collars and leashes to keep them under control, especially while stepping out of your house or when surrounded by new people.
  • Hire professionals or enroll them in dog training classes like K9, instead of home training them, in order to have them learn something that will stick around with them.
  • Design a schedule for daily lessons and move strictly according to it.

Remember that the key to training a dog, or any animal, is to be consistent with it. No matter how tempting it may seem, don’t give up giving them their lessons each day, every day.

Golden Retriever Training

Training Golden Retrievers is not very different than training other dogs. Golden Retrievers are peace-loving creatures, hence you cannot use roughness and harshness to train them. Also, they perform wonderfully well in the vicinity of other dogs.

Therefore, it is best to train them with one or two more dogs or have them become part of a dog-training institute in order to improve their learning standards and performance.

Crate Training

A crate is mostly used a bed or resting place for a pup until it comes of age. When your pup grows big enough and is no longer able to contain itself comfortably in the carter, you may want to shift them to a bigger place altogether.

But till then, Training Golden Retriever needs to be done since it is important as far as their crate habits are concerned. don’t push them inside it, but train them to obey your commands when you tell them to move. Also, make sure they don’t pee or poop inside their carters.

Obedience Training

You may have to put up with some bad behavior from your dog in the beginning, but with proper and continuous practice, your Golden Retriever will definitely come to terms regarding its obediencetraining habits.

The key is to reward them with goodies upon their good behavior and display signs of subtle displeasure when they commit something you disapprove of. Also, take advantage of the fact that Golden Retrievers do feel jealous of other dogs when you are looking to punish them.However, don’t overdo it.

Teaching your Golden Retriever Attacking Techniques

It is not a very well-known fact that training Golden Retrievers is easier since they are peace-loving animals. They don’t make good watchdogs because they lack the aggression in their nature. They are humble, quiet, polite and the friendliest of dogs you will ever encounter.

This is why Golden Retrievers need to be given attacking lessons. They need to be taught how to attack and fight if ever the situation calls for it. this is important since Golden Retrievers can sense danger but will often do nothing to fight it off. A proper training in attacking by K9 Dog Training will give them that edge over other dogs in the long run.

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Training Golden Retrievers is quite simple because they are quick learners. They are quite intelligent and brighter than their counterparts. Any lesson taught to them will be immediately picked up and worked upon. Use this nature of Golden Retrievers to your ultimate advantage especially while training them.

Use other dogs to influence them, since Golden Retrievers learn well in the company of their likes. Use rewarding methods to lure them to learn better and behave accordingly. Harshness and strong words don’t work well with Golden Retrievers.

That’s why you need to be soft, but firm at the same time. Stick to these rules, and witness the tremendous growth performance of your Golden Retriever as it learns its wonderful lessons in due time.

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