How to Trim a Cat’s Nails – Guide

Do you find your kitty sudden disappear whenever the clippers are out? As a pet parent, do you have to wrap her inside a towel and give her a queen-like treatment for giving her a proper manicure? As per behavior experts, as long as trimming your cat’s nails are concerned, nail trimming sessions that are calm and fun are not just possible but this is the way it should be.

How to Trim a Cat’s Nails

A clean cat is always a happy cat and if you find it tough to groom your cat in order to keep her clean, we are here to help you out. Most cats hate the idea of having their claws trimmed. Nevertheless, you should begin to trim your claws in young kittens so that they get habituated to the process of clipping. Read on to know more on clipping the claws of your kitten.

Get close to the paw

Gently take one of the paws of your cat in between your fingers and massage for three to four seconds. If you find the cat pulling away her paw, don’t pinch or squeeze. Just follow her gesture and try to keep in gentle touch. When you find her being still, give her paw a gentle press so that the nails extend naturally. Then release her paw and give her a treat once she agrees. Do this everyday on a different toe until you can successfully complete all ten of them.

Get your kitten acquainted with the nail clipper

Do you find your kitty clinching at the sound of the clippers? Make sure your cat is at ease with the sound of your clippers before you try to trim your nails. Make her sit on your lap, place a piece of uncooked spaghetti on the clippers and keep them close to your cat. Then while gently massaging one of the toes of your cat, gently press her toe pad. As the nail naturally extends towards you, clip the spaghetti along with the clippers while holding the paw of the cat gently.

Never cut till the Quick

The pink portion of the cat’s nails is called quick and this is where the blood vessels and nerves are clubbed. Make sure you never cut the sensitive area. Clip only the white portion of the claw and when you’re clipping the nails of your kitten, make sure you cut less of the nail so that there’s no risk of reaching the sensitive part. And in case you cut the quick, you can stop bleeding with a styptic powder or stick. Although you have to be careful enough yet it is a smart idea to keep it nearby while trimming.

During the time of clipping

Place your cat on your cap with her face facing away from you. Take one of her toes and massage gently for 3-4 seconds so that the nail extends. Check in order to see how much trim her nails require and notice minutely where the quick begins. Trim the sharp tip of one nail and release the toe of the cat and give her a treat.

In case you find that your cat didn’t notice that clip, move on to clip another nail. However, don’t be in a hurry to trim more than two claws in a single sitting as your cat may find that uncomfortable. Once she lets you clip her claws, give her a special reward.

Tips to make trimming your cat’s nails easy and effortless

If your kitty doesn’t cooperate with you, trimming her nails can become downright frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can make the task easier.

Take breaks

Don’t try to do all the 4 feet at once as it is always easier for the cat when you take breaks. The break will however depend on the comfort level of your cat.

Train your kitten a trick

You can teach your kitty to lie on his back and make it easier for you to trim her nails. You may also check out tutorial videos and imitate the steps to make things easier.

Use a towel

If you apply the trick of wrapping your kitty in a towel, this will reduce her struggle and will also make her feel calm and warm. Wrap all the paws apart from the one you’re trimming. However, don’t wrap her too tightly.

Try using a dremel

There are few cats that don’t prefer the sensation and sound of the trimmers and hence this is when you should try utilizing a dremel. Make sure your kitty is acclimatized with the sound and help him by giving him treats when you switch on the dremal.

Get another person for help

If you have another person who can hold your cat when you do the trimming, this can actually create the difference that you’re looking for.

Keep treats ready

Keep few of the favorite things of your kitty ready so that you can reward her for being good during clipping. Even if he allows you near the foot without reacting, you should still give her a treat.

Use clippers for humans

Human nail clippers are usually easier to handle than the clippers that are made for pets. Human clippers work better on the claws of the tiny kitty.

Play first with your kitty

Make sure you tire your kitty by playing with her unless she has no energy left to fight with you when you trim her nails. Try to play her favorite game.

Inflatable cone

Does your cat bite you when you get close to her for trimming her nails? Put a donut shaped cone on her in order to prevent yourself from getting bitten by her.

Start it young

If you have a kitten at home, make sure they get used to you touching their paws and squeezing them gently before you start trimming.

Therefore, now that you know the expert tricks that you need to apply in order to make trimming your cat’s nails easier, you should immediately start off with the process. Keep grooming your cat so that she remains clean and tidy.

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