How to Bond with Your Rabbit

Rabbits are exceptionally social animals. In order to lead a healthy and happy life, they need to be given time to socialize with other animals (of course rabbits) and people in the family. However, since rabbits are usually prey animals, they’re usually too scared to interact with new members in the family. In case of sudden or loud movements, they will run away quickly as such sounds tend to startle them.

How To Bond Rabbits So They Can Live Together

How to Bond with Your Rabbit

Being a pet-parent, it is your duty to teach your rabbit how he can be brave. You are supposed to spend quality time with your pet to make her feel secured and safe. When you give them time, they feel happy about their bouncy self without any stress or fear. You also get a great friend in a rabbit as you start sharing an unbreakable bond. Here are few ways in which you can strengthen the bond with your rabbit.

Spend time with your rabbit

The most important step that you can take is to lay with your rabbit. When you interact with her while standing up or sitting on a chair, she will only be in touch with your legs. They might run away in fear. Hence, try to bring yourself to their level so that they feel one with you. Sit quietly on the floor and give them access to you. Soon you will find them curious and come up to you on their own.

Give your rabbit a chance to come up to you

Instead of forcing an interaction with your rabbit, you should allow them to come near you only after they gain your trust. Rabbits are usually prey animals and this means that they’ll feel scared once they feel cornered. Never force an interaction with your rabbit or chase them as they will get scared and feel distrustful.

Ensure giving them a daily routine

Rabbits live perfectly when they know they have a routine to follow. Anything that is unprecedented will put them on alert. Adopt a daily routine to give them a comfortable and safe environment. When a rabbit is safe in an environment, she also feels brave is more likely to spend more time with the members of the family. There should be a feeding routine, exercise routine and also a specific time for daily interaction.

Impart proper training to your rabbit

It can be extremely adorable to teach your rabbit some of the cutest tricks but the actual value of training your bunny is by the bond that you create between you and the rabbit. When you train, you actually spend good quality time with your pet. Your rabbit is using her brain in order to get a yummy treat and trusting that you should always make that available.

Avoid making your rabbit feel cornered

Rabbits have this innate habit of running away from bigger animals and hiding at any moment. Anything that you do where the rabbit feels trapped will make them trust you less. So, if you want to build up the bond with your rabbit, don’t corner her or pick them whenever possible. Whenever you interact with the rabbit, ensure they have an escape route ready, lest they feel trapped.

Give your rabbit treats often

Treats are one of the best ways of gaining the trust and favor of your pet. Start living with them in order to know the kind of treat that they’ll love. If you’re finding it tough to find out something that she loves, you can try checking out things online. Use the thing that she likes time and again in order to gain her trust.

Pet the rabbit

Rabbits have a habit of enjoying being pet. In fact, there are few rabbits that even prefer getting a great massage rather than treats. Teach your rabbit not to be afraid of your hands as this will help them create that great bond with the rabbit. Young rabbits are usually an exception. As young rabbits get older, rabbits inevitably start mellowing out and they love being pet more.

Neuter or spay your rabbit

When your young pet reaches maturity, you will suddenly find her hating everything. As and when bunnies reach adolescence, they might develop aggressive and territorial rabbit behaviors that may deter you from sharing a special bond with them. You should therefore bring your bunny to a rabbit-savvy veterinarian to be neutered or spayed. This is the end of all sorts of behavioral disorders and henceforth you’ll find it easier to bond with them. However, watch out for the health risks before taking this step.

Stay calm and quiet around a rabbit

Rabbits are startled by loud noises. They will never come across anyone who constantly makes too much noise. You’ll find a rabbit constantly hiding and shying away from such a person. No, that doesn’t mean you have to be constantly silent around a rabbit but try and keep noises to a minimum. Speak in a gentle and soft voice. You may also consider humming songs or singing in front of a rabbit to caress them without touching them.

Give enough space to a rabbit

Rabbits usually feel more under control and confident when they have more space. With more space, they will get more places to hide and run. Ensure that the enclosure of the rabbit is large enough for them. Their enclosures need to be at least 3-4 times the length of the rabbit. Your rabbit will get lots of space to hop around and feel confident while staying with your family. You may get a rabbit exercise pen to use this as an enclosure. It gives your rabbit enough space and that is easier to clean.

So, as we see, rabbits can be immensely social pets only if you give them the chance to interact with you and live their life on their own terms. Be patient with your pet rabbit and in time, you’ll become the best of friends for the rest of your life. Keep in mind the above mentioned tips and strategies to strengthen the bond with your rabbit.

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