12 Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

List Of Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

Tips to Improve Your Dogs Diet

Taking care of a Golden Retriever is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to looking after their dietary requirements. Given below are certain ways by which you can make sure that your dog’s diet remains in check.

Feed Your Dog According To Schedule

A daily schedule is an easy way to keep a track of your dog’s diet and ensure that they are eating well. A set schedule also means that your dog will have its appetite in check, and will remain fit for long.

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Avoid Feeding Scraps Or Junk

Scraps and junk have no nutritional content in them whatsoever. Any food designed for your dog is full of nutritional benefits, but junk food and crumbs are not. Feeding them will satiate your dog’s hunger but will not provide any value.

Consult Your Dog’s Vet For A Better And Exclusive Diet

You can resort to your dog’s vet to design a diet specifically for your dog. Different dogs have different nutritional requirements, and your vet can help you decide what to feed your dog and what not according to your dog’s personal choice of foods and calorific requirements.

Use Only Healthy Food

Even if you are feeding your dog commercialized ready made food available in the market, ensure that it is full of the nutrients that your dog needs, on a daily basis.

You may also feed your Golden Retriever homemade foods meant for dogs to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Resort To Food Supplements

Some dogs may be fussy eaters and may then end up deprived of the required nutritional enrichment. Some dogs may not consume food due to illness or sadness.

If your dog is not eating well or is not showing signs of growth despite eating well, resort to food supplements to provide necessary nourishment.

Subject Your Dog To Plenty Of Physical Exercises

A good run or a good exercise spree will set your Golden Retriever’s body in motion. A good blood circulation coupled with a complete body workout is bound to bring about hunger pangs in your dog. This will ensure that they have their meals well.

Don’t Rely On Shelf-Stable Food

True that many companies claim to produce foods that are the sole providers of nutrition for dogs. However, that may not always be true.

Try to couple your shelf-foods with homemade foods or food supplements to ensure a properly balanced diet for your dog.

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Feed Raw Meat instead Of Cooked Meat

Humans are the only carnivores that consume cooked meat instead of raw. Dogs and other animals need their meat in raw form if they must benefit from it to the fullest.

Cooking meat destroys some of its essential nutrients and proteins, and your dog will remain deprived of them.

Prefer Gluten-Free Foodstuffs

Gluten is known to induce health problems in dogs. Which is why bread and similar foodstuffs are better kept away from your dog’s palate.

Also, resorting to gluten-free foodstuffs is a good way to make sure your dog remains in shape and does not fall prey to obesity.

Pay Attention To Their Daily Water Intake

Many dog-owners fail to realize that their dogs may not be drinking plenty of water. Water is as important as food, in fact, more important than food.

Pay close attention to how often your Golden Retriever drinks water and keep a tab on their daily water intake.

Don’t Encourage Over-Eating

Golden Retrievers love eating and playing. However, make sure that you don’t overfeed your dog just because it loves eating.

Make sure that you feed them just as much as they need, and nothing more. It is better to have smaller meals than heavier ones, and plenty of exercises is a must.

Supervise Over Your Dog’s Daily Calorific Intake

Keep a tab on what your dog eats all throughout the day and make sure that their nutritional requirements are met. Any extra calories must be burned via exercise on a daily basis so that they don’t become obese.


All of the above-mentioned ways of improving your dog’s diet are useful, easy to implement, and quite practical too. Employ these measures to feed your dog the best diet possible daily.


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