The Best Food for Your Golden Retriever Puppy

So, you have brought home a Golden Retriever puppy. Well, that’s just great, but now begins the real world of taking care of your puppy. The first step is food for your puppy. Golden Retrievers are show stoppers. You must be pondering over questions like which food should you give to your beloved puppy. Suggestions to talk to your vet will be a good idea, but nevertheless, we have compiled a list of food products For Golden Retriever that are perfect for your puppy.

Best Food Ideas for Your Golden Retriever Puppy

The Best Food for Your Golden Retriever Puppy

We very well understand how confusing the task can be in deciding which food to buy for your puppy, so we did the search for you and in the list below you can know which and what the food offers hence, make your decision on which one to buy.

You must remember puppy food is made to fulfill the nutritional demands of your puppy. He/she is in a growing stage where they require a lot of nutrients. This is why you have to make a well-balanced diet that fulfills the nutrition requirements. The products below are specially designed for the needs of your puppy.

Pedigree Wet Dog Food Choice Cuts in Gravy with Chicken :

Pedigree is a well-known dog food name in the world of dog lovers. To say they are the best, might be an understatement. Pedigree Wet Dog Food Choice Cuts in Gravy with Chicken are tasty meaty chunks dipped in a very tasty gravy.

The oil and minerals levels are perfect promising your dog has a nourished shiny coat. The ingredients are easy to digest hence, easy to absorb as well.

Your dog gets 8.0% crude protein, 3.0% min crude fat, 1.0% crude fiber and 82.0% maximum moisture.

The chicken chunks dipped in gravy are going to be a treat for your doggy. In fact, most owners can’t change the brand as their puppy just does not want any other food.

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior :

You may not know, but Golden Retrievers are two types, sports, and show. If you own a show type, then you’ll want to keep the coat extra shiny. Golden Retriever Junior is the best puppy food when it comes to choosing a dog food for your show puppy.

Enriched with borage oil, the kibbles shape, size, formula, and texture are made especially for your puppy. The formula helps in building your puppy’s natural defense barrier. The formula also adds to your dog’s health and promotes their overall diet.

Naturvet, All-In-One, 4-In-1 Support, 60 Soft Chews, 8.4 Oz. (240 G) :

Naturvet has been around for the past 20 years. It’s wheat free 4-in-1 blend puppy food. Ideal for a gleaming coat and healthy skin. Helps in strengthening the joints and gives a better digestive tract. In the bag, you get a complete 30 days’ supply of food packed with minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.

Ideal for dogs 12 weeks of age. Being a 4-in-1 blend, it supports the overall health of your puppy.

Naturvet Digestive Enzymes Soft Chew :

Ideal for puppies of 6 weeks of age. Another ideal product from Naturvet, Digestive Enzymes Soft Chew helps in building a healthy digestive system for your puppy.

The alpha-Amylase helps in hydrolyzing starch. It also contains protease to hydrolyze proteins and the Cellulase levels are perfect to break down the cellulose count. While the triglycerides are hydrolyzed thanks to the Lipase addition.

Your puppy gets metabolism energy of 4,630 kcal/kg or 22.2 kcal per 2 chews. Yes, be careful not to leave the bag unattended as you will find an empty bag on coming back to pack it.


Once you have brought home a Golden Retriever puppy, their health will be your priority as long as you have your doggy. Taken care of you shall be together for many years. If you buy one as a single person, your kids will be playing with them.

Never compromise on the amount you have to spend on the food. Branded puppy foods may be expensive, but as they have to maintain the guidelines set by the government, the food will have the written nutritional information and not filled with fillers. In the long run of your puppy’s health, the amount will look very less when you see your healthy and happy puppy.

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