How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost?

Intelligent, beautiful, easy to train and social – there’s no wonder why golden retrievers have become so popular. For all the dog lovers who are dreaming to bring home a golden retriever, this post is for you as we’re going to discuss everything about this most popular breed.

What Is The Cost Of A Golden Retriever

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Golden Retrievers were actually bred for purposes like hunting but now with time, they are touted to be a good companion dog, a rescue dog, a sniffer dog and a therapy dog as well. In fact, these dog breeds are often used by police and rescue teams and several other law enforcement bodies only because of their keen sense of tracking and smelling capabilities.

The temperament of golden retrievers is of special mention as they are not just charming but also friendly, patient and also kind. This makes them one of the best family dogs ever. Before you get one for yourself at home, make sure you know everything on their cost.

Cost of Golden Retriever Puppy

Research reveals that golden retrievers are the third most famous breed of dog in the US and hence it is not at all a surprising fact that these puppies can definitely get slightly costly. The price of a golden retriever puppy, when taken from a breeder, can vary from $500-2000.  And in case you’ve been looking for a pup that comes from show quality parents, you should expect the cost to be around $3000.

Good and trustworthy breeders often spend up to $7500 to take care of their litter of golden retriever puppies and this is why they are extremely costly to buy. However, as you pay a high price while buying these pups, that doesn’t guarantee their quality. Be extra cautious about the golden retriever puppies that come for sale at $500 or even less than that!

Remember that price is never a guarantee of the quality or reputation of the breeder. You have to do your own homework before you buy a puppy. Make sure you talk to the breeder about whether or not you can meet the puppy’s parents. Not only that, you should also meet the concerned puppy and look for medical forms that are all signed by veterinarians.

If you’re dealing with a trustworthy breeder, he will never have problem in answering your requests. They even assure you about bringing back the puppy in case you suddenly face unprecedented circumstances with the pup.

Golden Retriever Dog price in India

In India, you can buy a golden retriever by paying something around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000. From local breeders, you might even buy golden retrievers at a lower price but then you have to consider the future costs that you may have to bear if you bring home a pup that has all sorts of negative characteristic traits or genetic issues. This can be avoided easily by purchasing your four-legged friend from a certified or reliable dog breeder. Moreover, you also have to be careful about bringing home an original puppy rather than a fake one.

Price of Golden Retriever Service Dog

As already mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers are often a common choice as service dogs as they are always willing to learn new things and are dependable in nature. This is a dog breed that is often used for guide-dog work or for people who are deaf. In fact, they can also be great therapy dogs as they are extremely affectionate in nature.

If you have to buy a well-trained Golden Retriever service dog, you have to pay at least $25,000. This hefty price is because of the rigorous training that golden retrievers need to go through for performing their hobs and because of the premium quality care that they get.

Factors responsible for the high cost of a golden retriever

  • AGE

If you get hold of an older golden retriever, this will cost less than a puppy. People usually don’t demand older dogs as they don’t live as long as the younger puppies. Though you may not get as much time to spend with an older Golden retriever but the little bit of time that they spend with you will be filled with affection and love. On the other hand, if you don’t have the time and energy to raise a puppy, you may choose an older dog.


In spite of their name Golden Retrievers, they usually come in various sizes and colors other than gold. They can come in different shades of red, gold, cream or even black. The dog breeders usually monetize on the black and cream colored Golden Retrievers so that they can charge hefty price for these pups. These pups cost closer to $3000 despite being similar to Golden retriever.


Though it is true that male and female golden retrievers cost the same but females usually have a different pleasing and charming personality that is more desirable by the pet lovers. They are calmer, more self-sufficient as against the affectionate yet energetic male counterparts. Most people choose male or female based on their personality.


Show dogs that have a history of being successful or those that have been champions are bred together in order to produce the best quality puppies. These puppies, as they are extremely attractive, have a high price tag attached to them, $3000-$5000 per puppy. The cost of breeding a litter of high quality puppies is around $24,000.


Puppies that come with warranties and certifications will cost you more than those that don’t have warranties. If you choose a pedigree dog with certification, this will cost you double than that doesn’t have certification. Most people assume that in case a breeder has several certifications, he is reputable. But this is far from being true. Hence, try to research and do your homework on every breeder before finalizing one.

As we see, the price of owning a golden retriever can be daunting but once you welcome one goldie to your home, your life will change for the better. So, if you have the money to afford one, don’t allow the price tag to deter you.

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