10 Best Dog Movies on Netflix

Now that we are almost locked down within our homes, Netflix is definitely a savior! Had it been without Netflix and the other streaming platforms, life would have been a lot boring. As long as Netflix is concerned, there are myriads of movies to choose from. Before you begin to realize, half-an-hour would have been spent in choosing which movie you’d like to watch.

List Of Best Movies about Dog on Netflix

Best Dog Movies on Netflix

If you’re a dog lover, you may choose to watch movies on dogs. There’s no denying the fact that dogs can make your life better and if that is so, it should also include movies. Netflix will give you lots of dog movies to choose from. Here are the best dog movies.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is one of the best dog movies that was lately removed from Netflix but you can still stream it on Amazon. It is a funny yet a heart-warming movie that tells you the story of three pets (2 dogs and a cat) and their journey where they travel through wilderness in order to locate their owners. Once you start watching this movie, it gives you all sorts of feelings that you need. It is a remake of the 1963 Disney film, the Incredible Journey that was based on 1961 children’s book written by Sheila Burnford.


Benji ranks second on the list and it is a family movie that tells the story of two siblings who befriend Benji, a stray dog. This film came out in 2018 and it is the remake of the film with the same name that had come out in the year 1974. The interesting fact about this movie is that the 2018 remake was directed by Brandon Camp who was the son of Joe Camp who had directed the original movie.

101 Dalmations

In this movie, Roger, a struggling game author, meets Anita who was a fashion designer, in a dog park which follows a weird twist to their destiny. As the two get married, Anita’s dog becomes pregnant with Roger’s dog and both of them are Dalmatians. As Cruella tries to kidnap all the puppies, the puppies realize the evil intention when the wicked tries to act smart. This movie is not only great at its cartoon version but you’ll also love this live-action movie that is much better than the original cartoon.

The Stray

This film will tell you a true story of a stray dog that is named Pluto and who arises out of nowhere. Once Pluto arrives, it radically alter the owner’s family who were knee-deep in different kinds of troubles. Pluto enters the family as a glimmer of hope, making the Davis’ rethink family, friendship and love. Within a short time span, Pluto does a host interesting feats to save the life of the toddler.

Hotel for Dogs

You can call it immature, contrived or even brain-dead as this is not one of those cinematic masterpieces of Orson Welles that takes pride in demonstrating the various facets of life. Don’t sit to watch this movie by expecting all of that from Hotel for Dogs. If you prefer watching a feel-good, simple or popcorn-friendly flick, this is the movie to watch out for. In Hotel for Dogs, Bruce and Andi try to find out new home for their pup after the new guardians prohibit them from getting a pet.

White Fang

White Fang was a movie that was originally done in French but it was later on dubbed with the help of a stellar cast like Rashida Jones, Nick Offerman and the lovable Paul Giamatti. White Fang is one of those nice animated feature film that was based on the seminal classic of Jack London of the same name. At its core, both the film and the novel has an affecting and powerful story of a journey.


Balto centers on a sled dog that was the leader of the mission for mercy for Alaskan children in 1925.The character of the heroic namesake of the film was voiced by Kevin Bacon. He is an outcast half-wolf who risks his entire life to prevent a deadly and fatal pandemic from affecting Nome, Alaska. Balto sets on a mission with his dog team across the Alaskan outback to get medical supplies for the people of his town.

White God

White God is yet another cinematic masterpiece that happens to feature dogs, lots of them. This young Lili is coaxed to give up Hagen, whose heritage of mixed-breed is considered to be unfit for the government. To withstand the oppressive state, both Hagen and Lili set off to a perilous and life-threatening journey backed by each other’s support. As this unfolds, the unloved, unwanted and unfit dogs begin a revolution where they are led by the firecracker, Hagen.

Where the Red Fern Grows

Like Benjie, this movie named Red Fern Grows is a dog flick that was released in the 1970s and this is also considered a classic. It is a family-friendly and funny film that is based on the source novel by Wilson Rawls. A young Oklahoma boy navigates through the hard times of the 1930s. In order to help him through the ordeals of his lifetime, there are two hounds that offer solace and comfort to them.

Hachi – A Dog’s Tale

This film is based on Hachiko Monogatari, a Japanese film that was released in 1987. The story was about an Akita dog that was loyal to its master even after he passed away. Although you will definitely love the original version, it is still fair enough to give this a try. The professor and the dog form an unexpected friendship and the sheer power of which startles the character of Gere. There is definitely something extremely compelling about the story line of this movie.

Therefore, if you’re someone who has had a fetish for dogs and you’re a crazy dog-lover, you shouldn’t miss any of the above listed dog movies as they are among the best ones. Nevertheless, there are many more dog movies that you’ll just love. Share with us the names of your favorite dog movies streaming on Netflix.

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