Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

There’s no denying the fact that near about all dogs can cause inconceivable danger and damage. However there are certain breeds are more prone to causing fatalities among humans and other animals. These are the breeds that you have to be most attentive to, socialized and given proper training so that they can live peacefully within a household by adjusting to all kinds of situations.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

These dog breeds usually are aggressive in nature and hence proper nurture can usually play a huge role in transforming them into loyal and loving companions. Let’s check out the names and traits of the 10 most dangerous dog breeds.

Caucasian Shepherd

The topper of our list is the Caucasian Shepherd, also known as Caucasian Ovcharka. The size of this dog can grow up to being huge and can weigh a minimum of 50 kg or 110 lb. The adult male Caucasian Shepher’s have an average life span of 10-12 years. This is a breed that has had its origin in Russia and other countries of Europe. Typically, they were used as a guard dog for safeguarding livestock in hilly areas; these dogs are now feared by even the wildest predators like wolves.


This is one of the most popular dog breeds and they’re fighter dogs and strong ones who have time and again been accountable for several cases of attacking humans. They have an innate nature of running after the task until they complete it. This is the resulting breed as you combine the agility and energy of terriers and the strength and body build of a bulldog. There are few countries where Pitbulls are used in dog fight shows where they’re trained to fight in a death match. They are blessed with an immensely powerful jaw.

Perro de Presa Canario

These dogs are often described as dominant and strong-willed ones. This name is the Spanish for Canarian Catch Dog, also called Canary Mastiff. Although this dog was used as a working dog among farm animals, they are a great combination of different breed of fighting dogs. There have also been rumors that like the Pitbull, the Canarian Catch Dog was also made to participate in deadly dog fights.


This is that dog breed that is popular for its fearful reputation. Rottweilers are known to have the worst tempers and this makes them totally unworthy of being included within families, particularly where the owner is an amateur in handling dogs. They are never to be seen to have an assertive or calm nature. You have to constantly train them in order to avert terrific reactions. Nearly half of the deaths due to dog attacks in the US are reported to be caused by Rottweilers.

Fila Brasileiro

Fiela Brasileiro is also called the Brazilian Mastiff and it is one of the largest breeds of herding dog in the world. This specific breed first originated in Brazil and they performed great as guard dogs. However, they have to be handled by owners who are experienced as they are protective and at the same time aggressive by nature. They are usually feared due to their uncontrollable behavior which leads to fatalities.

Alaskan Malamute

These dogs were originally used as sled dogs as they carried heavy loads and there were a popular Arctic breed. They are also one of the biggest domesticated dogs that can grow up to 100lbs. Alaskan Malamutes can survive extreme weather conditions. Malamutes are usually natural hunters and they even have the power of killing bigger sized predators like bears. Now you know why this breed is included in the list of the most dangerous dog breeds!


This breed is a mixture of wild wolves and domesticated dogs. Wolfdogs are beasts that have a caring and protective instinct and they can also be wild because of their unpredictable behavior. This kind of mixed behavior probably results from breeding these wild animals with common dogs due to which they get the characteristic traits of both. However, there are few countries where breeding or owning this dog is not allowed.


Bullmastiffs are strong, powerful and solid-built dogs that have a natural aggressive temperament. If they are not taken proper care of, they can turn out to be fatal monsters. Bullmastiffs are huge dogs and hence training them in order to make them obedient is a must in order to avert unpleasant and fearful confrontations with them. If you carry on with consistent training, they can gradually become obedient and dependable.


This is yet another extremely famous breed of domesticated dog and Huskies actually originated as sled dogs in the Northern regions. Huskies are extremely agile and can carry freight with unique color patterns, thick coats and a striking facial mask that has been blessed with a pair of special blue eyes. Huskies are closely related to Malamutes and they also have a striking resemblance with wild wolves. Few of the reported cases are Huskies working with their entire pack in attacking human beings.

Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers are extremely intelligent, sensitive to sound and exceptionally strong. They can sense any sort of danger before anyone else and they can react and make decisions on their own. They have this naturally aggressive instinct towards strangers and their huge size also plays a pivotal role in making them look even more dangerous. This particular breed makes the perfect guard. They always need to be monitored closely with patience and consistency. Doberman Pinschers are extremely capable of killing humans. Although they are pretty sensitive, they are combative and destructive in most cases.

Therefore, if you’re a dog lover, make sure you don’t try to bring home any of the above mentioned dog breeds as they are not meant for households and families. They are all wild animals that are better left in their own habitats and regions. Know how to tame these dog breeds so that you may never fall in trouble even if you come across any of them. As they are naturally aggressive towards strangers, make sure you are safe.

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