How to Clean a Hamster Cage – Guide

Though it’s true that hamsters can make great pets, yet it is also true at the same time that these animals need a lot of care and dedication in order to help them lead the healthiest and happiest lives. Are you planning to bring home a new hamster or a couple of hamsters? If yes, before you jump on to the life of a new hamster parent, you should educate yourself on hamster grooming, particularly on habitat cleaning and taking care of them.

Clean a Hamster Cage

Being new to this job, it is natural that you won’t know much about it. However you needn’t fret as we’re here to help you with the ways in which a hamster parent to make sure that their furry friend has a safe and clean habitat to live in. Read on.

Is it right to bathe a hamster?

Just as cats, hamsters are extremely fastidious creatures and they always keep cleaning themselves. Hence, pet experts are of the opinion that it is not so necessary to bathe them. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to spot-clean them, in case you actually need it. It is particularly vital to check their bottom as there are times when bedding may stick post a trip to the bathroom.

Cleaning a hamster

In case there is a spot on the hamster that you think is dirty and that can’t be cleaned by them, you can use a damp cloth or a pet-friendly wipe to clean that specific area. Since hamsters are extremely small creatures, you have to ensure that they don’t get too cold. Use lukewarm water and keep them out of drafts when they dry.

Dust baths for hamsters

Dwarf hamsters can also be cleaned through something that is called dust bath. To make him go through a dust bath, give him a small dish of animal dust so that they can roll over it on their own. This helps them eliminate moisture and oil in a natural manner. However, make sure you don’t leave the dust bath in the habitat for more than 12 hours. Dust baths are a kind of enrichment and this also happens to be a fun activity for a hamster.

Cleaning a Hamster Cages – Steps to take

Hamsters are a bunch of tidy creatures. They hate mixing their quarters with the dining area and restroom area. There is a place for everything for these tiny creatures. Nevertheless, noone has seen a hamster cleaning up its own house. Here’s how to clean a hamster’s cage.

Inspect the cage thoroughly

The foremost step that you need to take is to inspect the hamster’s cage properly. If there’s a smell, try to detect where the smell is coming from. Is it confined to a definite spot? If yes, you have to necessarily perform a thorough cleaning. The soiled spot has to be removed and replaced with fresh bedding materials. Try to look for wetness, dropping as they can be the source of verifying the stink. In case of leftover food, ensure you discard all of that. Does your nose already seem to feel irritated by the stink that is coming from the cage? In that case, you may have to clean the entire cage.

Organize and gather the cleaning materials

Once you’re sure that the cage requires a perfect cleanup, it’s high time you gather the cleaning materials. Does the cage stink badly? Find yourself a suitable face mask so that you can continue the cleaning process without getting irritated. You’ll need a pair of rubber gloves, a wash cloth, a proper disinfectant that won’t harm your pet and new bedding materials.

Hamster has to be relocated

Before you begin the cleaning process, get yourself a secondary cage or a safe place to temporarily relocate the hamster. While you clean its enclosure, would you want it to be present inside? Never! Scoop up the little creature and from the cage and place him safely in his temporary shelter. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you relocate your pet.

Eliminate all accessories, attachments and extras

Now you have to remove all attachments, accessories and extras like water bottles, toys, feeding bowls, tunnels, hideouts, pathways, exercise wheels and anything that is there inside the cage. This will make the process of cleaning much easier.

Discard bedding materials

While you do this step, put on a pair of rubber gloves and your face mask as you might be infected by bacteria and germs. Once that is on, remove the bedding, particularly if it has been soiled. If it is not soiled, you may choose not to wear a mask. Be watchful while eliminating the bedding and transfer the soiled bedding in a trash can and seal it instantly.

Clean the cage of the hamster

This is the most tedious part. Start off by cleaning the accessories and extras first. This lets them dry totally before they are returned to the cage again. You may soak the items in a solution to disinfect them. Thoroughly clean each item using the washing cloth which has been soaked with the cleaning solution. Once you clean them thoroughly, allow them to dry under the sun and then clean the cage. If your cage is wired, you have to clean individual bars and this can be a tedious job. Put the cage under the sun so that the UV rays can disinfect your cage.

Put back all that you had removed

Once you’ve completed the cleaning the hammy’s cage, make sure you dry each and everything properly before you start putting them back to place. Put a layer of bedding which is minimum 2 inches deep. Replace the extras and accessories at their original positions. Now the last part of cleaning the cage of your hamster is to return the little creature back to its clean and tidy home.

Your hamster may have to adjust a little bit to the new smell of its clean home. Give him some time to acclimatize with the smell before you again start interacting with him. Doesn’t this seem easy? Try out all the above listed steps to clean your hamster’s cage.

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