How to Train Your Golden Retriever Dog?

Train Your Golden Retriever Dog : It is nothing but a joyful experience to have a playmate for yourself in the form of your Golden Retriever, and it gets even better if you are now addressed by the responsibility of training it. Golden Retriever training can be fun, but it also takes up a lot of work and may not be as easy as it seems.

Having said that, you will learn more in the process about dogs and Golden Retrievers in general than you will end up teaching them. In this write up below are given a few tips and hacks for a dog lover and dog owner in order to be able to train them correctly and have them behave well in the long run.

Train Your Golden Retriever

Each of these steps are properly designed especially for dogs and will teach you clearly how to train Your Golden Retriever. These steps have also been previously successfully tried and implemented on other dogs. You can freely choose to opt for these methods and have the time of your life playing with your well trained Golden Retriever dog.

How is Training a Pup Easier Than Training a Dog?

Golden Retriever puppy training is easier than training a dog for the same reasons as moulding and shaping a sapling is easier than doing the same to a fully-grown tree. Pups are small. They have not yet been able to get themselves fully exposed to their nature in order for them to develop a lifestyle.

An individual pup with no particular lifestyle is easy to train and bring on track than a fully-grown dog who is now accustomed to loving the way they live. An untrained adolescent or adult Golden Retriever has its own way of living its life, and it will be nothing but difficult for its owner to curb and monitor its ways way long after it is comfortable with its way of life.

If you wish to train your Golden Retriever, make sure you start training your pup right from the time you bring it home. It is almost like training a kid. Create an aura in your home just like you would want your dog to follow. One good way is to ensure that the humans in your family follow suit so that the pup has somebody to look up to.

The younger your Golden Retriever is, the better you can train it. It may be a tad difficult to train adolescent Golden Retrievers, but is not completely impossible. You have a better chance with puppies than with adult dogs, and hence, start while they are young. Read on to know more Golden Retriever information on the said subject.

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Teaching them to Socialize

Many a times, animal lovers have multiple pets all living under the same roof. The cats and dogs live and eat together in such household. This is why, it is important for Golden Retrievers to learn how to socialize under such circumstances.

Make sure your dog learns how to get along well with other cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits who may live with them together. Teach them to not chase them around or bully them. Reward them with a cookie or a special treatment every time they make efforts to listen to your training and learn their lessons.

Also, it is important for your dog to learn how to behave outside the vicinity of your homes. Take them out more often. Have them socializing with other dogs in training classes, like K9 Dog Training, and expose them to dogs of other breeds too. Have them interact with other animals as much as possible till they learn how to behave themselves in such situations.

Obeying Commands and Following Instructions

Start off by teaching them simple commands like ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘run’, ‘fetch’, and ‘jump.’ You can then move onto bigger and better lessons like behaving themselves or shaking hands of strangers. Stick to the standard guidelines to train your dog and don’t deter form it.

Having said that, your dog will definitely take some time to get the hang of it. Until then, you need to bear the effort of training your Golden Retriever if you want them to learn their lessons and benefit in the best way possible.

Potty Training Your Golden Retriever

As mentioned before, taking care of small puppies is nothing less than looking after a small child. So, it is quite difficult for these puppies too hold their bladders for a long period of time. Pet owners need to be careful of excretion of their pets while they are young.

But as your dog grows older, make sure they need to go to a certain place only to empty their bladders. You may punish them subtly if they fail to abide by these rules, but no harshness is recommended. This is on of the golden rules of Golden Retriever training.

The moment you realize that your dog is now going to let go of their control, hold them and place them inside of the loo till the get the idea that they need to be here every time they need to pee or take a dump. Golden Retriever potty training can be quite a hassle, especially in the beginning, but with proper practice, they are bound to learn eventually.

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Training Them to Remain Calm

Golden Retrievers are generally quite calm and peace-loving creatures. However they do tend to get aggressive from time to time. As individuals, you can never tell which one is more aggressive than the other. The only aggression that Golden Retrievers show is by biting off whatever lies in their way.

This may come as news to us, but Golden Retrievers do need to bite. But you can train them to use toys and other objects as target for the chewing habits instead of somebody’s arm or foot. Getting them soft toys or any other toys which they can use to play and mess around with is nothing but a good idea. You can even teach them to control the intensity of their bites.

This is important, especially if your dog comes in contact with new people. They may assume your dog to be of the ‘biting’ kind and that may scare them away. Make this training a part of your daily schedule for your dog so that they learn the how’s and do’s of biting as soon as possible.

Golden Rules to Train Your Golden Retriever

There are certain dog training tips to be followed during your Golden Retriever training. Keeping these rules for yourself in check will impart the best education and lessons to your dog, and will also ensure that they remember and recollect it in the long run too.

Create an Optimistic Environment

As no training goes well in a negative and harsh environment, the same is true for Golden Retrievers too. Start of your lessons with a cool head and make sure your dog is on the same page with you. The aura of your home must be friendly and calm so that your dog is better able to remember its lessons and recollect them in the future.

Warm-up Helps

Take your dog out on a run or a jog to freshen up its mood a lighten up its spirit before you start on your daily lessons. Create a schedule for the day and plan it accordingly. Stick to similar time stands every day. Say, for example, put in an hour of training each day after breakfast and before dinner.

Leash Training

In the first few days, you may have to leash train your dog or pup. This is important since your dog will definitely fall prey to its instincts in the beginning. But with constant lessons, your Golden Retriever is bound to control its thinking and way of functioning with the proper educational and training given by you. Using one of the best dog training collars will surely help in this regard. Look for dog training collar reviews to choose the best collar for your Golden Retriever.

Reward Positive Behavior

Golden Retrievers are soft and calm creatures. They wish and deserve to be well rewarded every now and then with a gift, especially if they perform well at their daily lessons. Give them a token of appreciation in order to encourage them and have them learn their lessons quickly.

Do not Resort to Harsh Treatments

Being gentle by nature, Golden Retrievers do not respond well to harsh treatments. If you really want your dog to learn its lessons well, use its nature and allow theme lessons that fit well with them. Take it slowly but steadily. One step at a time. The trick is to be consistent and, before you realise it, your Golden Retriever will have learnt its lessons in no time.

Crate Training

True that you may have to sometimes lock up your Golden Retriever in its crate, never do so with the intention of punishing it. A family outing or having guests over are a few of the times you’re your dog might have to be put in there. Allow your Golden Retriever to step into its crate by itself but only if it wills to. Don’t create unnecessary fear of the crate in your dog lest you want it to lose its self-control.

Get Two Or More

Golden Retrievers are social animals. They cannot live in isolation for long. If you wish to see your dog learning quickly and learning well, it is best to adopt two or more Golden Retrievers and train them simultaneously. These dogs will eventually get influenced by each other and learn faster than they normally would have.

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Adopt Relevant Training Methods

In today’s age and time, there are many more methods and options available by which you can train your pup to the best of its ability. If only training is your concern, you needn’t rely on home training your pup yourself. Read on to know more about what the other ways of training can be.

  • Use the internet to look for new and exciting training lessons to choose from. You can teach your pup a few uncommon tricks too, apart from the common ones, to make them appear smarter and brighter than other dogs. There are plenty of YouTube videos which you can use to learn this.
  • Resort to blogs written by dog owners. Golden Retriever owners are much more aware in this regard when it comes to practical knowledge about raising and training them. Use their experience to benefit yourself and your dog training process.
  • You can also hire a professional to take care of this matter and deal with the training procedure. But even so, it is best if you took the training and teaching in your own hands. This is because the dog is more inclined to living with you and obeying you than a stranger.
  • Consider Golden Retriever training classes to develop your dog’s habits. It is a good idea to have them around dogs who are on their way too learning too. As it is, Golden Retrievers are quite good at socialising. Take it a notch higher by enrolling them in a dog-training classes.
  • Search for ‘Dog Training near me’ centres on Google to look out for places where you can go take your dog to learn a trick or two by professionals.


Remember that Golden Retrievers are generally harmless and peace-loving dogs. They don’t make good watch dogs because of the same reason. They are quite soft by nature and will not get aggressive even if the situation calls for it. Yes, they will warn of nearby danger, but may or may not fight it off for you.

Keep this nature of Golden Retriever training in mind while teaching them. They are quick learners and will pick up any lesson you give them almost immediately. Do not choose to teach them angrily or aggressively. The last thing you want is having them turning against you.

Lastly, if have taken up the task of training your Golden Retriever dog, you will have to maintain a bit of patience and self-control. The same goes with the puppies too. Keep up your lessons, maintain your schedule and display the highest form of self-control you have, and your Golden Retriever, dog or pup, is bound to learn its lessons soon.

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