How to Buy a Pet Cockatiel

There’s no doubt about the fact that cockatiels can make wonderful pets. In fact, research reveals that they happen to be the second-most popular bird to own and that too for a good reason. These birds usually live for more than 15 years and they are immensely affectionate, loving creatures with solid personalities.

Buy a Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiels are social creatures that love to sit on the fingers and shoulders of humans and they can be easily taught to talk. However, before you venture into becoming a cockatiel owner, there’s a lot that you can learn on them to make sure a cockatiel is the right pet for you.

Vital essentials to know before purchasing a cockatiel

Anyone who has been constantly watching videos and pictures of cockatiels will know that they are playful and adorable birds. But before you decide to buy one, there are several important things that you have to know about them. Are you aware of how long they live or the kind of diet they require? Let’s take a quick look at the few things to keep in mind before buying your first cockatiel.

Cockatiels are great for children but not the little ones

What does petting a cockatiel have to do with the age of your children? Just as with other small birds, cockatiels can make best pets especially when you have children at home. They’re tiny yet colorful and can make attractive noises. They are almost what you call your child’s live imaginary pet. Cockatiels are the most active birds on the planet.

Although they tend to be great with kids, it is still not recommended that you bring home a cockatiel if you have children under the age of 6. Would you trust someone under the age of 6 to hold your smartphone? Hence, it is not okay to trust them with dealing with a cockatiel. There are several accidents that could occur with a 40 pound child and a bird that weighs few ounces. So, you always have to keep a watchful eye on the youngsters.

Cockatiels can give better whistles than talking

All are aware of the fact that parrots are the best creatures that can mimic speech. The cockatiel is like a toddler as long as speaking is concerned. They will listen to everything that you say and will pick up some words here and there and try to speak them out. Don’t ever imagine that your cockatiel will recite motivational speeches for you!

What we want to say is that cockatiels might not be the most refined speakers; don’t actually have any talent apart from whistling. Cockatiels are expert in whistling and they will always try to keep a background tune playing for you. You may teach them how to whistle or keep your bird as its musical coach.

Cockatiels live for a long span of time

Are you someone who is scared of commitment? If yes, you might get surprised to know about the lifespan of a cockatiel. Nevertheless, if you are extremely paranoid about commitment, would you have made it to this post? An average cockatiel will live for 15-20 years.

How does that matter? The fact is that when you are planning to have a companion or a friend for a long time, you have to put in a certain level of commitment towards your friend. Hence you should plan accordingly. Ensure that your feathered companion has enough space for someone who will take care of the bird even in the worst case.

Cockatiels are smart and social animals

Every pet owner will prefer to think that their feathered companions are the smartest pet in the whole world. It is true that the cockatiels are definitely some of the most intelligent birds in the market. Hence, if you find yourself bragging about the increasing wit of your pet cockatiel, you have some details to back it up.

Since they are intelligent, you have to make sure the mind of the cockatiel is always kept occupied. It is vital that you fill up the cage of your bird with lots of interactive toys whenever you are not there. There is always a chance of your bird getting even smarter. Cockatiels are social birds and you have to always give them enough attention. They are not extremely demanding creatures that can interrupt you during your personal TV time.

Cockatiels are healthy creatures

If you’re a foodie who loves quadruple stack cheeseburgers, this doesn’t mean that you should also allow your cockatiel to follow all your bad food habits. While there are few cockatiels that prefer munching on to seeds throughout the day, some others have a refined palate. They always need an assortment of nutrients so that they can remain healthy and avert falling sick.

Pellets are the all-in-one food for cockatiels that will always help them remain healthy and happy. Pellets are said to be much healthier than all-seed diets and they are tailored to meet the needs of cockatiels. They derive the right amount of nutrition from pellets. Apart from pellets, you should give them vegetables and fruits everyday. Don’t give any toxic foods to your cockatiel as they may fall ill. Avoid giving avocados to a cockatiel as they’re possibly harmful for them.

Find out a reputable bird breeder or a pet store

Now that you know everything on pet cockatiels, all you have to do before buying one is to find a reputable bird breeder or a pet store. You can also ask your local bird club as this can also be a great resource. Does the seller provide you a health guarantee for the pets they sell? Birds which are hand-raised will be more friendly and social than other cockatiels that are raised and bred for display.

Ask all sorts of questions to the seller and especially how they were raised. In case the seller can’t give proper answers to your questions, you should choose some other seller.

So, if you’re trying to pet a cockatiel, make sure you educate yourself on the characteristic features of the types of birds so that you know what you’re bringing home.

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