How to Protect Your Cat in summer

If you’ve been a cat parent for the past few days, you will be aware of the fact already that cats and hot weather don’t go along well. During the scorching heat of the summer months, cats are always at the risk of heat strokes, dehydration just as the rest of the humans. There are even serious health conditions that can lead to illness and sometimes even death.

Protect Your Cat in summer

While your cat is susceptible to different health risks during summer, it is also true that with the rolling in of summer, your cat can become extremely active. She may start feeling more interested in spending time outdoors. Due to this boost in activity amidst the rising temperatures of summer, it is vital to keep in mind that your cat should be thriving and happy. Here’s how you can protect your feline friend during summer


Always keep the water dish of your cat full

During the summer months, just as humans, it is equally important for your cat to remain hydrated during the summer months. Change the water everyday and keep the dish at a place that is easily accessible by the cat. If your cat spends maximum time outside, put a fresh bowl of water both outdoor and indoor. On especially hot days when the temperature soars out of control, you can also put a few ice cubes into the bowl. The water remains cool for the entire day.

Give ice to your cat

Do you think your house is particularly warm? If yes, you should comfort your cat by cooling her down. Place few ice cubes on the floor and allow the cat to play with them. In case your cat is too active, she will love the game as every time she plays it, she can cool down. However, keep in mind that different cats have different reactions to ice. While some ignore ice, some play with it and some lick it. It’s fun to find out what your cat will do with ice.

Give special care to your sick or old cat

Cats that are old often fall ill and they find it difficult to regulate their own body temperature. If you have an old cat at home, you have to be particularly careful about keeping her cool during summer. Cats which are overweight may have a great time in eliminating the excess heat, as their weight interferes with proper regulation of body temperature. Older cats have to be taken care of much more than a skinny cat.

Keep your cat indoor

It is especially vital to keep your cat indoor while there is an immense heat advisory. During extremely hot temperatures, your feline friend will have a tough time finding a place to cool down and this is when they suffer from heatstroke. So, if you have to keep her home, you have to make sure she doesn’t have a way out for escaping from home.

Brush your cat

Although it is never a good idea to shave your cat, as it is the coat that helps cats regulate the body temperature, yet removing the excess fur is always a good idea. This is why it is asked for a cat parent to give her a good brush so that the thick undercoat is removed. When you brush the fur of your cat, you can also inspect the body of the cat to check on infections or injuries.


Ensure the window screens are safe

There are many cats that love to lounge and relax on the window sills under the warm sunlight. During winter, when windows are closed, this is one of the best ways of staying warm. In summer, when windows are open, this can become hazardous. If your cat unknowingly leans on screens that are not secure and safe, the screen may pop on them leading to a serious injury. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the window screen must be secured.

Make sure vaccinations and medications are all up to date

You should always make sure that the vaccinations and medicines are up to date but this is particularly vital during summer. Ticks and fleas are more active during summer and hence these infections will spread more during summer. Vaccinations are particularly important during this season as this is the time when cats come in touch with other animals. With more contact, the possibility of contagiousness also increases and this also leads to feline distemper.

Limit any kind of rigorous activity

Although a cat won’t go on a run with you or get heat stroke from playing with you for hours, yet extreme kind of activity can boost the temperature of the body. In case you find it to be extremely hot outside, don’t play with her for a long time as this will exhaust her. Exhaustion will lead to an increase in her body temperature.

Your cat should be able to identify

In case your cat spends enough time outside during the summer season, it is particularly vital to ensure that she has proper identification. Put tags on it that include your address, phone number and you can also have it micro-chipped so that your cat is returned to you in case she gets lost.

Avoid growing plants that are toxic

There are several houseplants that turn out to be toxic to cats and humans grow them all through the year. Few plants that grow outside like lilies, dahlias and daisies are also toxic for cats. While outdoor cats regularly roam around in the backyards, it is best to control the hazards to your cat by avoiding the growth of these particular plants. Before growing plants, check the list of plants that are toxic so that you can consciously avoid them.

So, now that you’re aware of the ways in which your cat can be protected during summer, make sure you follow all the above listed advice and recommendations so as to keep them safe and secured.

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