How to Name a Pet

Are you someone who has recently brought home a pet but you’re not sure what moniker to give it? If answered yes, you’ve clicked on the right post as we’re here to help you choose an appropriate name for your pet. Not only will your pet love the name but also everyone who calls it by that name will love it.

How to Name a Pet

One of the primary responsibilities of being a pet parent is to decide a nice and sweet name for the newest member in the family. If you can allow your kids to name a pet, there are several benefits. Kids can give the quirkiest of names of your pet like Princess Peanut Butter. The name that you keep will say a lot about you and the relationship that you share with your pet as an animal.

The head of behavior at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Laura Garber, says that the name that you give to your pet is integral to how we usually relate to the pet. Under the guidance of adults, children learn to create a great way of bonding with the pet and feeling responsible towards the new member in the family. Here are few tips to decide how to name a pet.

Setting the right guidelines for naming a pet

When your family begins brainstorming the pet with the most potential names, you should simultaneously give guidelines to the kids to make a choice that is acceptable for the entire family and the pet. Advise your kid to choose a name that may grow as the pet ages. Few names like ‘Tiny’ or ‘Baby’ may not go well with the pet as it grows older and bigger in size. However, these names go well for a tiny pet or a hamster.

Names like ‘Bones’ for an animal that is skinny during its young age may go wrong if it fills out later. Experts usually advise you to choose a one-to-two syllable short name that will play an effective role in gaining the attention of the animal. In case the child wants a longer name, make sure you still have a shorter nickname for the pet.

Regardless of whether the name is short or long, avert using names that can alienate people, such as ‘Cujo’ as this name would remind others of some killer dog from the movie of similar names. Moreover, families should steer clear of a name that is racially, culturally, religiously or ethnically offensive in any way.

Would you ever want to insult anyone like the neighbor crossing the street or a vet? Bet you wouldn’t! It is also a smart option to mix and match names that are tongue twisters and that can be confusing with training cues or daily-use words. For instance, ‘Mo’ can be confused with ‘No’, ‘Tom’ can be confused with ‘come’ and ‘Trey’ can be confused with the word ‘stay’.

Choosing a name that fits your four-legged friend

Think of the personality of the pet

Does your pet remind you of a specific character or a person or an object or some personality? Is there an activity which your pet loves doing? Does she remind you of a cartoon character? Any of these could remind you of a good appropriate name. If Star Wars is famous in your family, you could name your pet after Leia or Chewy.

Test your pet

If you have brought home a dog as your pet and the dog is dark, you may name her Stormy or Smoky. If she smells a lot, you can name her Stinky. In case you’re someone who prefers cartoons, you may name him Pluto.

Be watchful and select wisely

In case you’re trying to name a kitten or a puppy, make sure the name fits her even when she grows up. There are names like Bae or Pups or Baby that won’t seem appropriate as the pet grows up. Hence, while naming your pet, there are definitely a few considerations that you have to keep in mind.

Think whether you want a common name

You might plan to keep a usual or common name that can work bets for your pet dog. Chalk out some names like Riley, Grace, Macy or Max, Biscuit, Tina, Jack, Noddle, Skipper or Bubbles.

Buy yourself a name book

A name book is extremely helpful for choosing baby names and they can help you find a name. Make sure you search few names in the book and you never know, you could get some of the most interesting names!

Be inspired by your own life

How about naming your pet ‘Joker’ if you tend to prefer comic books? Or in case you have an interest in collecting coins, you can name your pet Lincoln after the penny.

Stay away from names that are too long

The name, as mentioned earlier, Princess Peanut Butter, might seem sweet but when you have to call your pet every minute, don’t you think that would become a bit too long. Unless you plan to shorten the name to a quirky PPB and call him, it is better to choose simpler and shorter names.

Discuss with the other family members

As you bring home the pet and it is going to stay with all your family members, before naming it, you can have a short discussion with your family members. Get together at least once or twice in order to make a list of the potential names. You may do this before you after planning the guidelines for naming. If you all have a similar mentality, you can just take one meeting to finalize a name for your pet. Kids will feel involved and excited if you involve them in the discussion.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about whether or not you should keep a name for your pet on your own or with the help of your family members, decide carefully. Take in the suggestions of your family members only when you’re ready to compromise. Allow your partner or your kids to make the final choice.

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