How to Pet a Dolphin

Did you always have a special interest towards dolphins? If yes, there’s something that we share in common. Dolphins are really interesting creatures and they are extremely loyal and friendly. Do you think you have the infrastructure of petting a dolphin? If you do, how about petting a dolphin at home?

How to Pet a Dolphin

Dolphins tend to be social and intelligent mammals that are admired by people all over the world. Within controlled environments with the trained animals, it is vital to pet a dolphin watchfully. In reality, petting a dolphin can get dangerous for the humans and it can also disrupt the lives of dolphins. Nevertheless, with proper care, humans can handle them in a created natural habitat.


Find a guided tour

If you’re someone who has enough money and time, this is probably the best option. By visiting the destinations with warm weather, there are guides who will take you through a tour of local dolphins and allow you to interact with them. Such tours are usually led by experts who can teach kids how to become friends with dolphins and their habitat. Dolphin Quest in Hawaii, Discovery Cove in Orlando, Dolphin Cay in the Bahamas offer few such programs.

Visit an aquarium

How about visiting a local aquarium instead of going out for a long hike to the ocean? The National Aquarium provides you with some of the best packages for those who wish to move closer to a dolphin under the monitoring and supervision of a professional. This is also true for theme parks like the Sea World.

Visit a beach

Dolphins are usually found in oceans all over the world. However, there are some places that have better dolphins than others. The Azores have the biggest variety of dolphin species and the dolphins even come near the shore. The Bahamas and New Zealand are also at the top of the list for any tourist that hopes to watch dolphins in their natural habitats. Maintain safe distance from dolphins when you visit the beach alone. In case you approach too close, you may put yourself to risk.

Support the life of dolphins

Though you may feel that it is extreme fun to swim with dolphins, the best possible way to interact with them is by safeguarding them from danger. There are few species that are endangered due to global warming, overfishing and human involvement on their habitat. By getting in touch with a group of conservationists, you may take a step of adopting a dolphin. You may also get updates on issues of dolphins in order to take measured steps.


Know about the law related to dolphins

There are some places where humans try interacting with dolphins so frequently that this kind of behavior disrupts their natural instincts. As a result of this, it is not legal to feed a wild dolphin in several countries including the US. Dolphins are powerful and huge creatures that can unintentionally hurt human beings. This is why there are several kinds of restrictions on human-dolphin interaction and hence these restrictions have been given in the interest of both parties.

Accompany yourself with a guide and jump into the water

In case you’re someone who is eager to visit dolphins inside their natural habitat, you should dive into the water no less than 50 feet from them. However, don’t ever try to approach a dolphin alone as that could have a dangerous impact on your life. A rather better option would be to take someone who is professionally trained in interacting with wild dolphins and who know how to read their reactions.

Don’t ever approach a dolphin

You should never be the first one to approach a dolphin. Rather let the dolphin approach you. Dolphins may get scared easily and hence this can lead to territorial and defensive reactions. As you swim towards them, they will view this behavior as aggressive. You might think that you’re swimming up to them because you have an urge to meet them but for them, it is a threatening experience.

Watch out for signs of distress

If you find the dolphins smacking the water with their tail, spinning or leaping or making quick bursts while exhaling loudly, it is a sign that they have got agitated. Immediately you should back off and choose to leave the area. If aggravated, dolphins can get dangerous. And in case you see a dolphin arriving with smaller babies, leave instantly. Chasing the dolphin will lead to enough distress. You also have to pay attention to swimming patterns. In case the dolphins dive for a long span of time, this means they’re upset.

Stay watchful about not hurting the dolphin

When you touch the dolphins in captivity, stay aware of the fact that they’re sensitive. The skin tends to be delicate and they can be hurt even by fingernails. Their specific sensitive areas are eyes, blowhole, lower jaw, snout and melon. It is never recommended to pet a dolphin in the wild. It would be just okay to watch a dolphin from a safe distance. Any kind of invasive step can scare a dolphin away.

Watch them from a safe distance

Unless and until you’re inside a controlled setting and with a professional guide, you should always maintain safe distance while watching dolphins. This is especially the case when dolphins are in their natural habitat. You may feel free to do boating or snorkeling. As long as you don’t see any of the above listed signs of agitation, don’t stay within their space for more than half-an-hour. Make sure that the interaction with are always safe.

So, if you’re interested in petting dolphins, you have to keep in mind all the above mentioned techniques and tips. Following them will ensure that you don’t scare them or hurt them and in turn cause damage to yourself or to your children. They are wild animals and this has to be kept in mind before trying to take any step towards petting them.

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