How to Be Nice to Your Pets

Unless you’re nice to your dog, it can never become your best friend. Treating your dog nicely requires patience, time and love. You have to take proper care of your dog’s basic needs and ensure it has adequate level of water and food. Your dog needs a comfortable place to rest and stay in peace.

How to Be Nice to Your Pets

It is only when you are nice to your dog and when you treat him well that you can engage in house training and teaching him few commands. Spending quality time with your dog is also necessary so that it feels a part of your family. Once it does, it will shower your life affection and loyalty forever. If you’re still not sure about how to be nice to your dog, here are few things to keep in mind.


Giving your dog water and fresh food regularly

These are the basic needs of a dog that you can’t ignore, especially when you’re new into pet-parenting. Depending on their age, puppies will require eating at least 3-4 times in a day. On the other hand, fully-grown dogs have to eat just twice in a day. You also have to offer him clean and fresh water so that your pet dog is never too thirsty. Few other things to know are:

  • Choose the proper food for your dog according to its age, size and breed. Various dogs have various nutritional requirements. Majority of the dog food packages will list you how much food should be given based on the size of the dog.
  • Purchase food that comprise of premium quality ingredients. The digestive systems of dogs are more sensitive than other animals and they may fall sick if you don’t feed them good quality food. Don’t ever make the mistake of giving human food to dogs, particularly junk food that is high in sugar and salt.
  • Consult your vet about how your dog or pup should be fed as per their metabolic requirements.

Did you give your pup a closed place to sleep?

Dogs are sometimes distantly related to wolves but they tend to be domestic creatures that enjoy all sorts of comforts at home as much as humans. Your dog will need a dry, clean and warm place where it can sleep at night. Whether your dog sleeps outside or indoors, you have to provide him with proper shelter that protects him from outside elements.

  • In case your pet dog spends too much time outside, it will need a place to take shelter whenever it snows, rains or feels too cold or hot. In poor weather conditions, don’t leave your dog outside.
  • You can make your dog sleep in a kennel and give him comfortable blankets as well as his favorite toys. If you allow him to, he may also sleep in your bedroom, may be in some special spot in the house.

Exercising your dog is a MUST

Just as humans, dogs also require moving around in order to stay healthy. There are few breeds that need to exercise for few hours in a day and others are fine when they move out few times in a day. It is vital that you understand the requirements of your breed and meet them. In case of a high-energy dog, make sure you give him at least 20 minutes of exercise.

  • Even at the least, you have to take your dog out for a walk twice a day for 20 minutes. This is even more important if your dog is trapped in a house or an apartment for the entire day.
  • While walking your dog, be aware of the leash law in the place you live in. Don’t ever let him move off the leash unless it is within an enclosed area. Safeguard him from moving traffic.
  • Dogs love visiting dog parks and facilities where they get a chance to run. Nevertheless, ensure your pet is vaccinated fully before you take him to an area that has many other dogs.
  • Parovirus is a disease that remains dormant but can get transferred to unvaccinated pups when exposed to such an environment.

Vet appointments in regular intervals are a MUST

Around once in a year, you should take your dog to a vet in order to stay updated with all sorts of necessary vaccines. Whenever your pet dog displays signs of illness in between appointments, call the vet and fix an appointment.

  • In case your pet has still not been neutered or spayed, choose to get a surgery done. This is a vital step that has been advised by the ASPCA as a means of controlling their spurring population.
  • Ensure giving him a rabies injection and other important shots.

Keeping your dog safe from harm

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe, just the way you would take care of your child. When you’re near traffic or near larger dogs, he should be leashed so that he doesn’t run away after getting scared.

  • By attaching microchips, you can get him back in case it gets lost. In fact, there are companies that offer services that notify you when your dog has suddenly ran away.
  • Ensure that your dog never fights with other wild animals. Keep him within a leash, especially where leash laws are regulated. There are several animals that are holders of leptospirosis and rabies. It is a great idea to take him to a vet when he comes in touch with a wild animal.
  • Puppies tend to chew dangerous objects that can lead to harm in their intestines. You have to therefore make a puppy-proofed kennel area where you can always monitor their actions. Also take time to train them into chewing only toys.

So, there’s a lot that comes with calling yourself a pet parent. You have to always take ample care of your pets in order to bless them with good health and a fit body and mind. Keep in mind all the above listed steps to be nice to your pet.

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