How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs usually tend to be happy animals but that doesn’t mean that you, as a dog parent, can’t make them happier. With little tricks, well-planned fun activities and occasional treats, you can always make your pup a happy pet. A dog is said to be the best friend of a human and he is happiest when he is healthy.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy

Ensuring the physical and mental well-being of your dog means keeping him stimulated. If you’re looking for some easy ways to keep your dog entertained and happy, you’ve clicked on the right post. Here are few ways you can do so.

Enriching the mental well-being of your dog

Give your dog a job when he is left alone

Dogs are usually bred for a definite purpose, whether hunting or herding and when their natural instincts get suppressed, they often start misbehaving. You can create an obstacle course where your dog follows a scent in order to reach his favorite treats. Or you may even provide him with food puzzle toys so that his mind stays stimulated. Make sure you give him lots of chew toys when you leave him alone as this strengthens his teeth and jaws. In case you’re out for a long time, you may consider hiring a dog walker.

Let him socialize

If you’re a possessive pet parent who keeps him restricted within your home for the whole day, this can have an adverse impact on his mind. It creates a sense of fear when he starts interacting with other dogs and people. However, keep in mind his personality so that you know his socializing limits. Take him to a dog park and play with him. Introduce him to one dog at a time.

Train your pup

Training will not just boost his mental stimulation but also nurture the bond between you both. You, as a dog parent, will start realizing what you should expect from him and what you shouldn’t. If you’re not sure about training tricks, get in touch with a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.

Be a pack leader and stick to it

It’s vital for you to show affection and love to him because he is a tribal animal. Your dog will get confused when there is no consistency in his life. Be a pack leader and stick to your role. Make him understand that playtime is only there when he is receptive and calm. Whenever he follows and obeys your directions, reward your pet. During evening or morning walks, your dog should be right behind you.

Stay calm when your dog is around

Just as kids follow you, your pup does that too. If you behave anxious or uneasy, he will do that too because you are the pack leader. You can’t forget that nervous animals tend to become more aggressive.

Build up the confidence of your dog

You might not believe this but your pet dog too has self-esteem! There are things that you can do as his parent to retain his self-esteem. When he masters a new trick, praise him. Your voice tone is the only way you can communicate with your pet. Your praise should sound different that your commands.

Maintaining the physical well-being of your dog

Help your pup stay active

If he is alone all day, you should keep him active whenever you get time. Dogs require exercising just as humans. Take him out for a walk, play with him. Hide and seek can stimulate the body and mind of your dog. In case he is of a high-energy breed, this kind of agility will benefit him. For an older dog that has stiff joints, water activities can be a safer option.

Feed him a balanced and nourished diet

Any animal is happiest when it exercises. In order to exercise, he should have healthy food. What you feed him will depend on his age, allergies and his energy level. If you’re walking on the commercial route, organic, grain-free kibble is the best option. However, there are veterinarians who insist dog parents to feed them unsalted peanut butter, pumpkin, baby carrots, green beans, oatmeal and sliced apples.

Schedule time appointments with the vet

The vet offers your dog overall health screening and all sorts of vaccinations that he might need. For puppies and older dogs, it is best to visit once in every six months while the adults can visit once in a year. Such visits let you be sure about your dog’s teeth, ears and other hygiene concerns.

Ensure his safety

Do you ensure having an ID tag on him? Or do you have a fenced yard so that he can remain safe from harmful predators? These are few things you have to maintain in order to keep your pup safe and happy. During car trips, your dog should be fastened securely and don’t let his head stick out of the window. Unless he is well-trained, leash him when he is outside the yard or in high traffic places. Don’t let a kid hold a small dog as there is a risk of accidentally dropping him and injuring him.

Give him massages regularly

Did you know that massages can bring down the stress levels of your pet dog just as they do in humans? Massages can even soothe any kind of joint pain that he might be experiencing. Practice giving him a slow rub to reach the fat, muscles and bones and this can calm a nervous dog. Rubbing his joints can prepare him for physical activities. Mastiffs and Great Danes are particularly vulnerable to arthritis. So, apart from providing a daily massage, make sure his nutritional supplements are also considered. This will ensure a healthy and happy breed.

It isn’t a duty but is a reward for both the dog and the owner to display unconditional love for each other. The love that you share between yourselves is the most powerful tool. It is through this love that they can interact with other animals and people. Next time you practice certain tricks with your pup, try switching treats with affection.

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