How to Train a Bernese Mountain Dog

You have to accept the fact that training a Bernese Mountain Dog always takes time, patience and commitment. As this dog breed is pretty large, it is vital to give your dog adequate training since puppyhood to ensure he grows up to be a good canine citizen that is pleasure to be around. Way before you decide to get a Bernese Mountain Dog, you would like to make sure whether or not you have enough time to take care of him or train him. As your dog always wants to please you, your job is to make him understand your directions.

Bernese Mountain Dog – A little bit on the breed

The Bernese Mountain Dog is huge and strong worker that usually stands 27 inches at the shoulder. Their coat is silky, thick and moderately long and comes in three colors, clear white, jet black and rust. The hallmarks of this breed are the distinctive marks on the face and coat. These marks are combined with the smart shine in their dark eyes which adds to the aura of the majestic nobility. In short, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a hardy dog that survives tough weather conditions (mostly cold) and his brain lets him multitask on the pastures and farms of Switzerland.

Train a Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners tend to gel well with all your family members and they are exceptionally gentle with children. It is seen that they tend to get more attached to one person of the family who considers himself lucky. They are usually imposing but never threatening and scary. With strangers, they maintain distance and dignity.

Quick Facts on Bernese Mountain Dog

AKC Breed Popularity – Ranks 22 of 195

Height – 25-27.5 inches (male) and 23-26 inches (female)

Weight – 80-115 pounds (male) and 70-95 pounds (female)

Group – Working Group

Life Expectancy – 7-10 years

The growth of a Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is referred to as Bernese Cattle Dog and it is Swiss breed that has originated since 2000 years back. The breed descends from Roman Mastiff and also from the native flock-guarding dogs that were found in Switzerland. This breed was mainly bred to survive in extremely cold weather conditions.

The dog grows to be 27.5 inches tall and it usually weighs 87 and 90 pounds. It has a thick, long, wavy and shiny coat. The body is jet black and there are other colors too. This is a friendly dog that can also make a great family pet. However, it is better suitable amidst families that have older kids as they might knock over the little ones too often. Apart from being a family dog, they can be used as watch dogs, guard dogs, working dogs and trackers.

Things to know before training Bernese Mountain Dogs

Here are the few aspects that you need to know before you start training your Bernese Mountain Dog.

  • They always wish to please you

This is a loving breed that always wishes to please his owner and so he is apt for training. Bernese grows up to be huge and it is important to train early by the time they already have a gentle demeanor.

  • Bernese dogs are intelligent

Yes, your giant dog is extremely smart and intelligent.

  • Allow him time to think

Bernese dogs usually need enough time to process their thoughts and think over things. As an owner, it is vital to be patient. Give him enough time to absorb thoughts and he will soon learn fast.

  • Show authority in the safest way

He wants to feel secure and safe with you. At the same time, it is important to display dominance so that he knows that he is in charge of your home.

Tips for Training your Bernese Mountain Dog

No matter which dog breed you’re trying to train, you have to make sure you start training early as they grow very fast. If you begin at a tender age, it will start developing those good habits as they grow up. It is easier to train a smaller dog and also safer on your part. Here are few tips to train your Bernese Mountain Dog.

  1. You can’t jump on people

Train your Bernese Mountain Dog not to jump over people and this is the most important habit that you have to train him for. If they don’t learn this, as they grow older, they may start hurting someone, even though the act should be unintentional.

  1. Begin leash training

While your Bernese Mountain Dog is still a pup, you should also start his leash training. Teach him gradually how he should be led on a leash while you also have control over the same. This training should definitely be imparted before he grows into his full size.

  1. Make them habituated with brushing teeth

It is always a great idea to make your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy used to brushing his teeth from a tender age. Try to make this a habit so that as they grow older, you don’t have to wrestle your way to brushing your dog’s teeth.

Being Positive while training a Bernese Mountain Dog

It is vital for you to remain gentle with your four-legged friend.  They don’t require harsh words and too much of punishment is harmful to them. You can enforce good behavior through the following techniques:

  • Positive Praise: Give him joyful, loud and sounding praise. Communicate with him how amazing he was and what a good dog he is. They love to hear your praises and they get pleased.
  • Treats: The way to their heart is through their stomach. Whenever he has done something right that is worth praising, give him rewards. Be ready with different kinds of treats so that you can always supply him with things. Try giving him organic dog treats.

Training your Bernese Mountain Dog is not always a difficult task but you have to know the tricks and techniques of doing it. For best results, socialize your dog from a young age so that they become well-behaved pups later on in life. This even makes them suitable to live within households and become a better family dog.

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