How to Take Your Dog Camping

Are you like most dog owners who love to take their four-legged friend along with them wherever they go? If yes, it’s high time you educate yourself on the camping trips so that you can take the best care of your furry ball after taking her out. When you spend time with your dog, this can get extremely beneficial for you. This strengthens the bond that you share with your dog and it motivates your dog to have faith in you.

Tips & Advice for Camping with Dogs

Take Your Dog Camping

You are able to introduce different types of fun activities to your dog that keeps them healthy and mentally stimulated. Moreover, once you start taking him out for amazing activities, you can also stay more active and develop all those social skills. Camping can overall be fun for your four-legged friend.

How to prepare yourself and your dog for the camping trip

During an outing or a camping, your dog will come across various situations and environments which she is not used to. For instance, she has to go for car rides, she has to interact with other animals and unknown people and also have a tryst with nature. You have to prepare your dog for any kind of circumstance so that your dog may have a comfortable and safe trip. Read on to know some of the preparation tips.

Regulations and Guidelines of Campground – Did you check them?

It can’t be denied that all campgrounds are not pet-friendly and there are also several places all over the US that welcome properly-behaved dogs with open arms. Make sure you get in touch with a campground individually for details about their pet policies and rules. Here are the few things that you should enquire about.

  • Barking rules: All dogs have the habit of barking and campgrounds and campers are usually cooperative about understanding that. Nevertheless, if your dog barks uncontrollably at night, some campgrounds might ask you to find a different lodging somewhere else.
  • Leash requirements: Majority of the pet-friendly campgrounds have different types of leash requirements for safety of campers and their pets. Leash requirements keep varying from one camping location to another. However, the general rule is that the leash should not be longer than 6 feet for easy control. There are places that have added restrictions like no retractable leashes.
  • Aggressive behavior: Pet-friendly campgrounds are a destination for the owners and their pets to relax properly. No kind of aggression will be permitted here. For enhanced safety of you and your dog, it is therefore better to leave back your pet dog at home in case you feel she might get aggressive while dealing with other dogs and people.

So, for keeping your dog entertained during camping, search for a ground that has dog-friendly amenities, fun and tolerant.

Scheduling a vet appointment before camping

Before you reserve your stay at the camping site, try to schedule a quick appointment with your dog’s vet. These are the things to keep in mind before taking her to the camp site.

  • Your dog should be updated on vaccines: Make sure your dog is current on all the vaccines. Majority of the pet campgrounds and parks demand to check the documents that are proof to the fact that your dog has all his vaccinations on point.
  • Your dog should be using tick or flea prevention: The outdoors is a fun place for your dog but you can’t ignore the fact that ticks and fleas are extremely common outside. Speak to your vet about putting your vet on some kind of tick and flea prevention.
  • Your dog should be microchipped: Microchipping your dog is not a necessary requirement while taking her to campgrounds but it is definitely recommended. In case it gets lost while running around here and there, you both can again get reunited with the help of the microchip.
  • Your dog should be groomed: Though this will sound counterproductive to groom your dog before taking her to a camping trip where they may get messy, it can actually keep them safer. If you’re going to warmer temperatures, go for a hair trim. Don’t forget to get your dog’s nails trimmed.
  • Your dog should be healthy: In case your dog is sick or has some kind of chronic illness, camping won’t be a suitable activity for her. Ask your vet about the best plan of action.

Packing your dog’s bags for camping – What to take

Besides the basic camping supplies that you have to carry, when you have to camp in a pet-friendly manner, this means bringing everything that your dog needs to have a memorable and safe time. Few of the essentials of dog camping include:

  • A bowl for water
  • Dog food
  • Dog treats
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Extra towels
  • Stake or tether
  • First-aid kit for your dog
  • Toys that are outdoor-friendly
  • A recent photo
  • A leash
  • Medical details and vet records
  • Attachable ID card
  • Dog waste bags
  • Outdoor harness
  • Dog brush
  • Swim-friendly leash
  • Dog daypack
  • Rain jacket
  • Dog’s bed
  • Paw protectant or booties

If you wish to keep things organized, make sure you never dump in his belongings into your bag. Keep a separate bag for her.

Train your dog before taking her for a camp

There is a lot that your dog can get excited about while camping. This is why experts recommend dog parents to work on few basic behaviors so that you dog doesn’t run away or make you face too many issues. Don’t allow your dog to roam around off-leash as there are many campgrounds with different leash rules. You may also use a hands-free leash to keep them connected or to use a long lead and attach them to your campsite. While tethering, never leave your dog unsupervised.

Therefore, if you’re planning to take your dog out for a camp, keep in mind all the above listed points so that you don’t make a costly mistake that harms your four-legged companion. Taking them out with you will increase their trust on you and build an everlasting bond between you both.

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