How to Give a Cat a Bath

People usually think that a creature that beautifully imitates the flow of water can never harbor a longstanding fear or hatred of it. Nevertheless, it is fact that majority of the domestic cats hate getting wet and some will even lift their noses at the thought of walking on a damp floor. However, the ultimate question lies whether or not cats need baths and even if they do, how to bathe a cat? Let’s read the review on how to bathe cats and survive.

Bath Time! Why and How You Should Bathe Your Cat

Domestic cats hate water – What is the reason behind this hatred?

Before you take a look at how you should give a bath to your cat, wouldn’t you like to know whether or not our domestic kittens hate water? Among the wilderness, there are several species of bigger cats that actually love the idea of water. Jaguars and tigers prefer soaking within water and most likely, their usual habitat is within a hot and humid environment. Bathing will keep them cool. Tigers in fact love swimming in deep water and they even spend time in catching fish.

Domestic cats, on the other hand, have evolved in such a manner that they tend to dislike water. Majority of the breeds have coats that absorb moisture rather than deflecting it. This is why it becomes tough for cats to dry their coat once they’ve been soaked in water.

Is it necessary for cats to take a bath?

The next question that arises in the minds of pet parents is whether or not cats need a bath. Well, in most cases, a cat would never need to be washed in water as cats always keep grooming themselves naturally. This is why experts recommend that normal brushing is more than enough to keep your cat pet look comfortable, organized and clean.

However, there are definitely cases where you need to know how to bathe a cat. One fine day, your cat might soil himself in the litter box or climb inside a chimney only come out of it dirty! Even when you bring home a new cat from the shelter, you should bathe him once if you’re using fungicidal medicines.

Reasons why you may have to bathe your cat

Since majority of the cats are fastidious creatures and they are all into self-grooming, there are not many reasons why you may have to bathe your cat. Here are few scenarios:

  • Ringworms are a fungus, more than being a worm. Depending on the severity of the occurrence of ringworms, your vet might ask you to bathe your cat
  • Bathing a cat is nowadays not necessary for a cat with fleas as the latest flea treatments kill fleas very easily. However, baths may have resulting benefits.
  • When the cat has to get something off his coat like gasoline, motor oil, tree sap or potpourri, he might need a bath.
  • Obese or arthritic cats are usually not able to groom themselves in a proper manner and hence they might need occasional baths in order to keep their skin and coat healthy. There are many arthritic cats that appreciate the thought of warm water as that soothes their bones.

Get the right supplies while bathing your cat

When you’re all set to bathe your cat, you need to have few things ready so that you finally survive by the time you complete this Herculean task! Take a look at the plan that we have for you.

  • Make sure you have a helper by your side who is ready with several tasty treats that will be used either as a bribe or as a reward to bathe your cat
  • Get a detachable shower head or a pitcher, plenty of towels and also a pet-friendly shampoo
  • Use your laundry basket or your skin in the bathtub, lay a towel, a non-slip bath mat or might be a yoga mat so that your cat doesn’t freak out at the thought of standing on a slippery surface
  • Partially fill a few inches of the place with warm water. The water should be lukewarm and not too hot
  • Hold and place your cat there gently while your helper leverages the pitcher to wet the coat of the cat
  • Lather only when you use pet-friendly shampoo. Ask your vet to recommend a pet-specific shampoo so that there are no chances of any infection
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly using the shower head or the pitcher. Make sure the flow rate of the shower is low enough so that you don’t scare your cat all of a sudden
  • Dry your cat thoroughly with the help of a series of towels. Never use a blow dryer to dry his coat unless your cat is accustomed to the idea of it. If you do that suddenly without making him familiarized, you’ll get scratches all over!

What is the best brush to use for bathing your cat?

It is helpful when you brush the coat of your cat before bathing him as this prevents tangles in the fur of your cat. There are many pet parents who have recommended the Furbliss Silicone brushes among the best brushes for any cat. These come in different styles and sizes and hence there is one available for every cat, irrespective of the amount of fur he has or its size.

As they’re made of silicone, they are user-friendly and soft at the same time. Cats usually love the feeling of being brushed and hence you can be sure that they’ll enjoy when you do this just before you give him a bath. You can also try brushing them under running water. You are also allowed to use this brush to shampoo your cat so that you can de-tangle the fur while you’re bathing him.

As the cats loathe the ideas of bathing, you always have to buck up with having many kinds of treats. Greenies happen to be great low-calorie treats that also helps in cleaning the teeth of your cat. Moreover cats love greenies. So, make sure you have these ready in order to please your cat into taking a quick bath to get clean and organized.

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