How to Choose a Dog‐Friendly Vacation Destination

It is indeed a great experience to travel with a dog. There are many pet owners who love to take their dogs wherever they go, especially when they go out for vacations. However, without knowing the basic details of carrying your four-legged friend to a vacation, you shouldn’t go about the process as that may lead to unprecedented situations. You have to find out lodging facilities where your pet will be welcomed with open arms. But it is sad to note that all destinations are not pet-friendly.

Choose a Dog‐Friendly Vacation Destination

If you too are someone who is looking forward to taking your furry friend to your next vacation, we’re here to help you out. Scroll down to know more on this.


Begin with the kind of vacation that you want

Traveling with pets will mean that you have to select a definite destination that you want. You have to think of the kind of gateway that you want. What are you looking for? Are you thinking of going on a beach vacation or a mountain getaway or for a city adventure? With all such ideas in mind, you can start finding a proper pet-friendly vacation. Once you choose the type of place, you have to begin to research on dog-friendly places. If you wish to go on US east coast beach, you have to look for pet-friendly beaches in the eastern side.

Research destinations that are dog-friendly

There are few destinations that are better for pet dogs rather than others. The dog-lover websites offer information for various dog-owners who wish to accompany their pets to their vacation. Before you settle down on a vacation, research a place that is dog-friendly. Destinations like Colorado are dog-friendly and South Carolina and Charleston are both dog-friendly destinations.

Choose a hotel which allows pets

There are several hotels in your vacation destination cities that allow pets. So, before you book a hotel, you have to thoroughly check the website of the hotel or call them to know about their ordinances and pet policies. How much extra will carrying your dog to a vacation will cost? How about finding out the best pet-friendly cottages, breakfasts, beds and RV parks? Make sure you set the category to ‘pet-friendly hotels’ when you use a discount booking site.

Choose a spot where your dog will be comfortable

Does your dog love a car ride? Does he feel comfortable during long road trips? If yes, choose an apt destination. On the contrary, if your dog doesn’t love riding in a car, select a spot that is close by. If you are out on a road trip, don’t forget to pack plenty of water, treats, food, poop bags and of course an extra leash. Take him out for frequent bathroom breaks to avoid elimination anywhere.


Jot down the best pet-friendly restaurants

Would you like to leave your dog in the hotel when you go out for food breaks? Definitely not! Now that you have brought him to the vacation, there’s no point in leaving him back in the hotel. There are some dog sites like BringFido that will give you a long list of all the dog-friendly restaurants in the area you’re traveling. You should find out for yourself whether dogs are allowed.

Find restaurant alternatives

If you’re not able to find many dog-friendly restaurants, consider other alternatives. You can find outdoor areas and parks where you can take your dog for lunch or dinner. One potential alternative is food trucks as they’re outside and you can walk to their window with your dog. You can order a takeaway and then eat the food in your hotel along with your four-legged friend.

Plan out dog-friendly activities

As you plan out a vacation, decide which activities will keep your dog entertained. There are several outdoor activities like swimming or hiking that your dog will love. National and state parks and some national monuments tend to be dog-friendly. Before moving out for the trip, plan the activities that you’ll keep for your dog. How about museum visits with your dog?

Do a research on dog parks

Majority of the cities have dog parks and these parks are appropriate places to visit on a vacation. There are many dog breeds that have to be given adequate time for expending energy and exercising. This can be checked online or you can also get in touch with the visitor’s center or with the local chamber of commerce.

Take into account your dog’s health and age

You have to understand that there are some vacations that might not be perfect for all dog breeds. If your dog is overweight or is aged and if he has mobility issues, you should think twice before selecting a destination. In case your dog has never kayaked or hiked, you may wish to select an outdoor destination where you keep a limitation on activities. Small logs with tiny legs can have trouble in walking through long distances.

Stay in touch with local dog sitters

In case there is a day where you wish to do something without your dog, you should try to get in touch with a dog sitter or a local dog day care service. Before you travel, research dog sitters in the area. There are dog travel websites that list different resources and in case you don’t find any, search for local dog sitting businesses. Make sure you contact such a person way ahead of time to know whether they’re available on the required date. Book an appointment with the dog sitter as soon as possible.

So, when you decide traveling with your dog to your favorite destination, make sure you follow all the above listed tips and strategies. Don’t forget to pack in all the essential things in your pet’s travel bag. Few essentials are vaccination records, medicines, photos of your pet, pet carriers, car restraints, strollers and portable feeding and water containers. Make sure you carry poop bags so that you don’t contaminate the place you visit and help maintain a clean environment.

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