How to Become a Dog Lover

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friends as they give you a lot in the form of unconditional love, companionship and cuddles. Regardless of whether you’re thinking of adopting one or you are all set to inherit one from your significant other or your roommate, it has never been easier to become a dog person. Once you know how to familiarize yourself with dogs, you will soon find out ways to be around them.

How to Become a Dog Lover

Even though you have never been a dog person ever before, becoming one is pretty easy as dogs are extremely sweet creatures that will keep hovering around you till you start loving them. Here are few ways in which you can make a dog your best friend in no time.

Adopting a mindset to love dogs

Purchase dog paraphernalia

How about starting this journey by stocking up on posters of dogs, stickers and t-shirts on dog love? No, you don’t need to shell out a huge amount for buying all these. Whenever you come across something cute and funny that features the picture of a dog, don’t scrimp from buying it. Try searching on Pinterest about all the cute things on dogs so that you gradually inspire yourself for adding a dog to your family.

Make a comprehensive research online

In order to become a dog person, you have to acquaint yourself with the various breeds of dogs. You may come across few breeds that you’ll relate to. Once you begin to study on the different breeds of dogs, you will have a better chance of finding the ideal match for you.

  • Search on Google to know on dog breeds. Type ‘dog breeds’ and see what comes!
  • People tend to choose pet dogs that resonate their personality. Try to find out your favorite characteristics so that you can include them in your search.
  • There are websites like American Kennel Club that speak a lot about the personalities of different dogs. Scroll through them and choose the qualities you like.

Watch more dog shows

One more great way of acquainting yourself with dogs and being friends with them is by observing their behavior on dog shows that are aired on TV. Once you start watching these shows, you’ll soon find yourself dreaming of owning a dog.

  • Check out the various dog shows that come on TV or tune into Animal Planet or check out their website to see the shows they’re airing
  • Some shows are of people who caress dogs and others are about training them. Watch a mix of both to know which suits your interest.
  • In case you watch out for something cuddly and cute, try to watch Puppy Bowl.
  • On the Thanksgiving Day, you may also watch the National Dog Show to know on dog’s characteristic traits.

Find out ways to hover around dogs

Try visiting a dog park often

To be able to do active research on dogs, try visiting a local dog park. Go out one day to know where the parks are located that are designated to small and big dogs.

  • When you’re at the dog park, ask people whether or not you may get a chance to pet their dog. Discuss with them why they chose to own the dog and what is the thing that they like the best about their dog.
  • You may even wish to bring a few treats for their dog as this will help you warm up with them. However, be aware that you may soon start gaining more four-legged friends as they will keep hovering around you for treats.

Volunteer at the shelter

Find out a local shelter and choose to volunteer as this is yet another potential way of being around dogs. There are several opportunities for volunteers that include walking with dogs and feeding them.

  • You can perform an online search to know about local animal shelters. You can also find more details on how to volunteer, but in case you have a tough time, choose to get in touch with them.
  • There are several benefits of working with animals and you’ll tend to discover new things about yourself. You can also gradually improve the situation of your dog.

Hang out with a neighbor’s dog

In case you’re still not ready to live around dogs, you can start by petting your friend’s or neighbor’s dog. Having the owner of the dog close by to supervise the interaction is always a better idea.

  • You may feel comfortable while meeting at a local park if the dog is put on a leash. Ask your friend to meet you at such a place.
  • As you get to know the dog, you will begin to feel comfortable with him around you. Allow them to smell your hand and try to carry a dog treat to build a sweet relationship.

Walk a dog

Are you looking forward to some form of exercise while you’re with your dogs? If yes, choose to start walking your neighbor’s dogs.

  • Make sure you start with one dog but acquaint yourself with him before the first walk. Learn about his walking habits.
  • It is better to start with a small dog as they can be controlled easily when put on a leash.
  • Don’t take the responsibility if you don’t think you can keep him safe. The safety of the dog should be your utmost concern while taking him out for a walk.

Now that you’re finally ready to take the plunge into becoming a dog-parent, adopt one! Whatsoever it may be, adopting a dog is a huge step. This is a long commitment of 11-20 years.

Don’t take adoption lightly as the worst thing is to give him back to a shelter only because you’re not able to handle him. Before adopting, research on the breed and its potential heath disorders and unique characteristics. Determine the financial liabilities of owning a dog so that there are no unwanted surprises later on. Save enough money so that you’re ready to adopt your four-legged furry friend and give him all the comforts of life.

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