How to Make a Small Dog a Diva

We all know what divas are as we are always seeing them in movies and television. However, it is unfortunate that we don’t find too many divas in real life. There are many who self-proclaim themselves as princes and princesses. Divas tend to be detail-oriented and in case things don’t move the way they like, they may get temperamental. Divas hold them to high standards and expect others to do the same. Divas are not that bad.

Diva Dogs: How to Make Your Small Dog a Diva

How to Make Your Small Dog a Diva

Did you ever come across a dog with diva tendencies? If you haven’t yet, how about transforming your dog into a diva? In this post, we’re going to share with you few tips and tricks of turning your dog into a diva. Check out the steps you should take as a pet parent.

Get your dog lots of trendy dog clothes

There are several pet dogs that don’t love the idea of being dressed up but again there are others who are okay with the idea of dressing up. As long as dressing up is concerned, you have to test your pet before you start buying clothes for him. Ensure that the clothing is always of the perfect size as no one wants a medium sized dog to be squeezed into a T-shirt that is made for small-sized dogs.

Buy him a smart carrier

If your dog is a female, make sure the carrier that you buy for her is of the girly colors or pink, neon green. The carrier has to be fashionable to make your dog look like a diva. Ensure there’s a leash attached to the carrier so that you can use it to hook the collar of the diva into it.

Groom her in regular intervals

Being a pet parent, would you like to be a pro in turning your dog into a dog-diva? If yes, watch out for a professional dog groomer as this is probably the best way in which you can give her that diva look. If it’s a Yorkie or a Chihuahua, give him a few brushes and a bow to make him look like a stylish diva.

Call your dog by her actual name

For the dog, it gets confusing when you assign him a name but you don’t call him by that name or keep giving him multiple nicknames. For instance, if your dog is given the name Lydia but you constantly call her baby, cupcake or princess, this will confuse her. Whenever you call her, call her by her name, Lydia.

Get her a cozy dog bed

When you are trying to turn your dog into a diva, you have to get her a big, cozy dog bed so that you can make her a spoiled princess. Try to stack in few of her favorite stuffed toys into her bed so that she feels protected. Though your dog is a diva, you can’t forget that she is also a dog at the same time. They always have to be felt protected, loved and welcome.

Train your dog well

There’s nothing better than a smart dog. Teach her how she should sit, stay put and roll over. As you find her ready, train her with something different that can be helpful or unique. You may teach her to close the door when there are too many groceries in your hands. No, she is not ought to know everything in the world. Hence, only a few recommended dog tricks can be taught to her like three basic commands, one helpful command and one unique command.

Give her the best food

Your dog diva should be choosy whenever she eats as this make her diva. However that doesn’t mean that she should get gourmet food. Try to feed her things like Blue or Beneful. Although it is okay to give your dog your leftovers but this is not always the right practice. If you don’t stop feeding the leftovers from your plate, she will start expecting the same everyday.

Carry her to the vet often

The vet is the best person to know how your dog can be kept healthy to an extent where she can be turned into a diva. A diva can never become a diva if her health is like that of a stray dog. She should be treated for worms, if she has got any, and give her all of the required shots on time.

Take your dog everywhere with you

Ensure your life is properly customized to let your dog along with you. For instance, if you have to visit the local bank, it should be dog-friendly. The mall you visit often should also be dog-friendly and while you go out for vacations, the hotels should also be dog-friendly. When you are accompanied by your dog everywhere, not only yours but her life also becomes full of fun. Who loves to be cooped inside the house throughout the day?

Make her participate in a dog show

If you think your dog has been groomed perfectly in all aspects, you can even make her participate in a dog show. Although this is optional but you may try this out to encourage your furry friend. Winning a dog show will heighten her confidence and she may turn out to be a fancier dog than before. However, do this only when you think your dog has been groomed to her best capabilities.

So, there’s no doubt about the fact that a dog can actually change your life for the better. If you want to play a pivotal role in helping her life become similar to that of a dog diva, you may take all of the steps mentioned above. All these will not just make her life enjoyable but you can always feel entertained with what your dog does.

Maintain proper health by carrying her to a vet often and scheduling all her injections and vaccines at the right time. Missing out even one can have a detrimental impact on your dog’s health. Try to do your best to help her become a DIVA!

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