How to Choose Between a Pet Mouse and a Pet Rat

Both rats and mice are low maintenance pets but they are really cute. Nevertheless, despite being low maintenance, they have different personalities and needs. In case you’re looking for a more active, social and clean pet, it is better to choose a rat. And if you’re on a budget and you wish to have a pet that requires very less handling, a mouse is undoubtedly the best bet.

How to Choose Between a Pet Mouse and a Pet Rat

Both mice and rats are empathetic, sensitive and family-oriented animals. They speak to each other in high frequency squeaks and sound which are inaudible to the human ear. Both rats and mice get emotionally attached to each other and they also have enough love for the families. They bond easily with the human guardians. Rats and mice are animals that will put themselves in the way of some harm in order to save someone else. They are curious and intelligent and they make great companions.

How to choose a pet that is appropriate with your lifestyle

Select the right pet as per your schedule

Both rats and mice are nocturnal creatures and hence most likely, they will be either sleeping or hiding throughout the day. Before you adopt a rat or mice, you have to keep in mind this fact. They love to play, fidget around and make noise at night and you can’t forget this before adopting a rodent as a pet. There are times when you may feel disturbed by their behavior.

Pet a mouse if you want a pet with low maintenance

Mice are actually low maintenance pets and hence whenever you’re on a tight budget, you should look forward to adopting a mouse. They can be gently hold and stroke or even left to exercise in its cage. In contrast to that, rats require more attention and they have to be let out of their cage in order to play. If you’re someone who is not eager to give this level of commitment, you should get a mouse.

Choose the pet according to the size it requires

You should think about how exactly a mouse or a rat cage should fit inside your home. This needs to be one of the deciding factors before choosing the animal that you wish to adopt. Rats will need larger cages as compared to mice as they’re larger in size. Both rats and mice need to have cages where they can be viewed from the front side instead of being viewed from the top. This minimizes stress. When you choose a rodent, make sure you adopt at least two other pets of their kind. They are sociable creatures and hence have to be housed with others.

A rat is a cleaner creature than a mouse

Though it is true that you have to clean up after both pet rats and pet mice but comparatively the former is a cleaner animal. Rats are cleaner than mice, especially in terms of their droppings and body smell. The best part is that you can even toilet train pet rats whereas this is something impossible with pet mice. Pet mice are smellier than pet rats and hence rats are said to be cleaner.

Buy a mouse if you want short term commitment

Rats live a bit longer than mice and hence if you don’t prefer responsibility for a long term, it is better to pet a mouse. Rats usually live for 3-4 years as against mice that live for 2-3 years. Both mice and rats are creatures that live up to 3-4 years and mice live up to 2-3 year. Both mice and rats are a commitment and you have to be engaged with and attended to for the rest of their lives.

Select a Pet you will enjoy

Choose a rat if you want an active pet

Rats are an ideal choice when you prefer an intelligent and curious animal as they love human companionship and stimulation. They love to be held by humans and it is also easier to toilet train them once they get to know the basic tricks. Rats need to have an area outside their cage where they may play. It is even better for rats if you surround them with toys and the entire scene can be entertaining for you as pet parents.

Choose a mouse if you want an independent pet

Mice are independent animals, at least more than rats. They need less handling and less attention and are a great option when you prefer watching your animals and also playing with them. Mice never enjoy human touch but you still have to handle them in order to tame them and keep their health in check. In case you love to watch the mouse play, include ropes and wheels, ladders or you can even purchase a multi-story cage where they can get adequate space for exercise.

A pet rat is better when you have children at home

Pet mice are usually fragile, small and even too fidgety. This makes them a bit too difficult to pet especially when you have children at home. They also don’t respond well to human touch as rats, thereby making them more likely to bite children. In such a case, a pet rat is hardier and can become stimulating for kids.

A rat is better if you have other family pets

Did you know that rats can make better friendship than mice with other family pets and build a fun relationship? Mice, as mentioned earlier, are too fragile for all this and hence they don’t go well with cats. On the other hand, if you have pet cats or dogs at home, rats are far better a choice than mice. However, rats also have to be supervised when they socialize with other family pets just to make sure both of them are safe and secured.

So, if you have long been wondering about whether to pet a rat or a mouse, we hope all your doubts have been cleared after reading this article. Take into account every small detail of both the animals before deciding to pet one.

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