How to Choose a Pet from a Pet Store

The best bet for you is to purchase your puppy from a reputable and trustworthy breeder so that you get a happy and healthy dog for your money. However, if you tend to fall in love with that innocent face that you find in a pet store window and you simply can’t resist yourself from owning him, ensure that the fantasy doesn’t turn into heartache later on. Your heartache will come in the form of hefty vet bills for treating a sick and unhealthy pup.

Choose a Pet from a Pet Store

Regardless of whether you’re a first time pet owner or a seasoned pet owner, purchasing one can be extremely exciting. Though pets can bring fun and joy into our lives, ownership of a pet is always a major decision that needs proper planning and thought. If you choose to buy one from a pet store, make sure you’re extra watchful. Being careful will boost your chances of purchasing a healthy pup that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

Inquiring the quality and reputation of the pet store

Thoroughly check the premises of the pet store

Choosing a good quality pet store is the key to getting a healthy and happy pet. As soon as you walk into a pet store, check the cleanliness and neatness of the store. Apart from that, also check the overall appearance of the store and take a close watch at the enclosures and cages of animals. They have to be neat, clean and fresh. The store is better if brightly lit and the aisles should be easy and wide to navigate. Also choose to ask how often they clean the aquariums and cages.

Note the types of animals present in the store

If you are inside a good pet store, you won’t see too many types of animals, due to the expense of care and variability. For instance, general pet stores won’t carry amphibians and replies as they’re high maintenance animals that need costly and specialized care. For buying such animals, it is recommended that you visit specialty stores that only sell amphibians and reptiles.

Take a close look at the animals

The staff members at a good quality pet store will place highest importance on maintaining the health of the animals. When you walk through the store, check to see whether the animals look healthy and are fed on time. Though pet stores can have sick animals, they shouldn’t be kept on display. Animals that are sold in pet stores can get sick due to transmission of diseases from other animals within the store. The high volume of animals that are coming to the store boosts the likelihood of transmission of diseases.

Throw all sorts of questions to the pet store staff

The staff at a good quality pet store should have enough knowledge on the animals that are there in the store, animal care and also the products that are sold within the store. When you’ve decided to spend your hard-earned money on buying a pet, you ought to ask as many questions as you want to the pet store staff. They should also have the right knowledge on prevention of diseases and control of diseases. Never feel scared about asking questions about anything that strikes you. A trustworthy staff will never hesitate to answer you no matter how many questions you throw at them.

Selecting the pet that you want from a pet store

Do a comprehensive market research

Once you have inspected the pet store, start researching on the type of pet you would want to buy. It shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Resources include recommendations from a vet, pet guides, friends and neighbors who are pet owners. You may also consult with reputable breeders as they tend to be a great source of information. Don’t forget that the pet store staff’s goal is to sell the pet and hence their opinion will be biased. Seek help of someone who won’t misguide you.

Don’t purchase the pet as a gift

Don’t give in to the temptation of surprising someone with a pet. This might seem to be a great idea but giving a pet as a gift could boomerang you if the person isn’t prepared to accept the responsibilities of owning a pet. There are several pet stores that don’t allow pet adoptions around the calendar holidays like Easter and Christmas. Make sure you gift a pet only when you’re certain that the person at the other end is ready to commit to long term care.

Ask questions on the specific pet

When you narrow down your search to a definite pet, ask questions regarding its care. Question them about animal husbandry, how big the animal may get and what kind of medical care it requires. Also ask how long the animal is predicted to live so that you can plan for long term care. Make sure you receive honest answers and nothing less than that.

Examine the animal

Take a close look at the physical health and behavior of the animal that you decide to pet, no matter you buy from a breeder or a pet store or from an animal shelter. Though there are certain characteristic traits that will vary between the species, when the animal is healthy, it will look bright and alert. He won’t give any signs of bad health like discharge from eyes, emaciation or poor structure or bones.

Carry him to a vet

Once you bring home your pet, the first thing to do is to schedule an instant appointment with your vet. In case he detects health issues, you will still have a chance of returning the pet to the store. Make sure you ask about animal return policy before you buy the pet. The animal must be taken back in case there is any health issue detected sooner or later.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the steps to take while buying a pet from the pet store, take into account all the above mentioned steps. Be very careful as there are too many shady breeders and pet store owners who are waiting to sell off unhealthy pups.

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